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Winter 2018 10×10 Challenge - Day 7


As you're reading this, I'm flying across the Atlantic back to Portland, OR. The past couple days days have been pretty emotional and though I felt it necessary and soothing to be with my family in this difficult time I'm also looking forward to jumping back into my daily routine. And I'll be back in Europe in a couple weeks so goodbyes weren't too weepy this time around!


My Day 7 Outfit

This look is definitely an indoor one as my forearms are pretty bare but, if I might say so, it might be my favorite so far.

  • Tee-shirt - The Bee and The Fox - Made in Mexico
  • Cardigan (DIY) - Made in France (by my mother-in-law) - Similar
  • Leggings (old) - American Apparel - Made in the USA (Los Angeles, CA) - Similar
  • Clogs - Sandgrens - Made in Sweden


Style Notes

I am totally in love with this cardigan and wear it pretty much daily on top of whatever I'm wearing underneath on that day.

I rarely wear contacts as the bulk of my work is done staring at screens. But as my statement earrings collection is growing bigger each season I've been wearing contacts a little more often lately (not the most sustainable choice, I'm well aware).

To be honest, I usually wear slippers at home, but for the sake of the picture, I did put on my favorite (and only) pair of heel-boots.

Do you also wear glasses? What's your sentiment on glasses and statement pieces of jewelry?

Pictures by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.