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Hairpin Leg Bench DIY

Hairpin Leg Bench DIY by Conscious by Chloé

Last week-end was meant to take place a whole different way.

We had a whole road trip planned to the Northwest Overland Rally. But on the way there, Charlie (Octave's Land Cruiser) got a mechanical problem. So we drove back home to fix it.

I guess I must have had a premonition because I hadn't deleted all the events taking place in Portland on that week-end from my calendar. So I looked at the bright side and made the most of these 2 days in the city.

As some of you might have seen on Snapchat, I woke up early on Saturday morning for an outdoor yoga session followed by a (free) açai bowl for the one year anniversary of Carioca Bowls.

Later, I walked to the Woodlawn Farmers Market, which had reopened while I was in Europe, to get a little mint starter for my garden and some blueberries to snack on during the day.

After that, I rushed to one of my favorite shops in Portland, Johan, for its moving sale and splurged on ceramics. I also scored the vintage silk shirt I'm wearing on the picture and an amazing bodycon dress, made in the USA!

Ceramic cup found at Johan by Conscious by Chloé

Then I checked my phone and realized I had forgotten about the book launch of Becoming Minimalist's Joshua Becker. I was happy to see some friendly faces from the Portland Minimalists Group and get to meet Minimalist Baker Dana Shultz who was here on stage with Joshua.

Later in the day, I dragged Octave to Salvage Works to get some wood for a project I had in mind, and the main subject of today's article: a hairpin leg bench.

Hairpin Leg Bench DIY by Conscious by Chloé

So here's our little tutorial:


A hairpin leg bench is a pretty easy and inexpensive project that will immediately add style to any room in your home.

Active time: 1 hr
Total time: 2 hrs



  • Hand file
  • Orbital sander + sandpaper
  • Drill
  • Screws


  1. Carve the edges.
    We used the hand file and finished with 60 grit sandpaper.
  2. Sand the wood.
    We used the orbital sander starting with 60, then 160 and finally 220 grit.
  3. Seal the wood.
    We used a polycrylic spray we already had from a previous outdoor sign project. We sprayed 1 coat and sanded after.
  4. Attach the legs.
    We more or less eyeballed the leg placement, but you can definitely measure it properly, and even clamp the legs and flip the bench over to see how it will look.

Notes You can try different ways to seal the wood. We used what we had on hand, but wood sealer and Danish oil may be better options.

Hairpin Leg Bench DIY by Conscious by Chloé

I love the idea of making something new out of something old. Of course, the project is not 100% made our of reused material, but I'm glad we decided to go to a local shop rather than the usual hardware store. This quick DIY, which happen on the very same week-end Rachel made hers definitely gave me more DIY envy.

What about you? What was your week-end like? Lazy? Productive? This one was definitely on the active side but I promise it's not always as busy or inspired. But my Pinterest inspiration boards are here, in case my hands are itching.

Worn #3 / Fashion Revolution

Ethical look by Conscious by Chloé

A month ago, in honor of Fashion Revolution Week, I had planned on posting a quick vintage/ethical/sustainable look. But time flew, I had to prepare my month long trip to Switzerland and took longer than expected to select and edit the pictures of this session. But better late than never, right?

I usually work from home, so I tend to value comfort over... anything else. And layering is a part of it.

When I'm not working on my laptop on the couch in the living room, I sit/stand at my desk, and get cold pretty easily, so I have a cool collection of ponchos and cardigans or even a blanket, a look Octave rightfully nicknamed my Game of Thrones look.

Ethical look by Conscious by Chloé

But on that day I felt like showing you a couple of my latest acquisitions.

I got this pair of (mom) jeans on sale at American Apparel. They were made in the USA, the brand's motto is "sweatshop free".

I had been looking for a pair of Swedish clogs for some time, but did not want Swedish Hasbeens. I had been following Johan on Instagram for some time and finally showed up in Portland's cutest secret shop one day after a ceramics session. I met Laura there, tried on many items and came back home with a complete summer wardrobe, all vintage, except for the clogs which are individually made by fifth generation shoe makers in Sweden!

Finally, I got this top on sale too as a treat for my birthday at my friend Kara's shop, Field Trip. It's handmade by Aubrey Vandals in Encinitas, California.

I'm feeling pretty good about the impact of the production of these items, the brands and people that create them and, last but not least, how they all work together.

Ethical look by Conscious by Chloé

Side note: My resolutions are going strong, I haven't dyed my hair for the last 6 months #willpower

Also, I'd love to hear about your favorite artists, ethical & green brands and, of course your favorite shops featuring local goods, wherever you live. Please share them in the comments!

Worn #3 / Top: Aubrey Vanvels, Jeans: American Apparel (similar), Clogs: Nina Z


Unless provided, the origin of the items showcased in my looks will not be disclosed as I may no longer share the values of the brands from which I purchased them. I highly recommend you to look for an alternative in my shop, look for similar items in second hand shops or, if you're talented and/or motivated, make your own! Pictures by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.