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Beating Jet Lag in 3 Simple Steps

Golden Hour PDX Acupuncture Studio in Portland Oregon

Image: Golden Hour

I usually do not suffer too much from jet lag. But for some reason, I knew that this time would be harder than usual.

So here's what I did as soon as I woke up after a short night of sleep (I landed at 9pm and knew I'd have trouble finding sleep).

EAT HEALTHY - Breakfasts at work with colleagues, lunches on the go, after work drinks with friends, dinners with more friends, mom's cooking, birthdays and wedding... you get the picture. I've overindulged in France and Switzerland. I'm not mad about it, but now I need to reset my eating habits.

I arrived late the night before and the fridge was still empty so I woke up early, had an apple cider vinegar shot, went for a walk and got a vitamin packed smoothie at Poa, my favorite conscious cuisine provider.

STAY ON SCHEDULE - I have some pretty big projects in the works and really need to get back to my regular working hours. Working from home in the same room as Octave hasn't always been successful so far so I'm looking at other options. A room (or studio) of my own would be my ultimate dream, but coworking could be a solution in the meantime.

So I'm about to visit The Weller Society, a coworking space that opened a couple weeks ago while I was traveling. Octave attended the opening and liked the vibe, so I'm excited to give it a try.

RELAX - Everybody talks about that new acupuncture studio, Golden Hour, and I was just waiting for the right occasion to go. As I was sitting in the Frankfurt airport lounge during a 6+ hours layover (I'm so bad at scheduling flights) I remembered it and immediately scheduled an appointment for the next morning. Best impulsive purchase ever where I actually learnt that there is an acupressure protocol to beat jet lag!

What's your secret recipe to beat jet lag? What are your thoughts on melatonin?

Headaches, acupuncture and holism

Acupuncture needles and moxa rolls by Conscious by Chloé

I've been battling with severe headaches for as long as I can remember.

After trying to get rid of them by medicating myself, wearing prescription glasses, getting rid of the unnecessary hormones I used to put in my body, after being wrongfully diagnosed migrainous (although it was a relief to put a name on my pain) and given some serious drugs, I decided to try something else to get to the root of the problem.

I had recently moved to a super nice neighborhood and walked past a wellness center which regroups talented teachers & practitioners, amongst whom is a female acupuncturist. I had never done acupuncture before, but thought I could give it a try.

After meeting her for a long talk about my health situation, we decided to meet twice a week. We started the treatment with cupping, needles, and a herbal prescription to take twice a day (the second time with a shot of white wine!), gua sha and moxibustion (many new terms to learn for me!). I followed the treatment for a few weeks and we then spaced out the appointments as the results were starting to be nothing short of amazing!

I realized that my body is pretty clever, trying to divert the pain somewhere else, migrating it to either my ovaries or my stomach at the beginning of the treatment. I loved the metaphors she used to explain how our body and organs work, it's all a question of politics, who's gonna rule your body?!

Of course, my decision to take care of this problem forms part of a holistic approach I adopted which consists of slowing down and taking care of myself and of my body a little more. Other things have changed in my life, besides the fact that I relocated to Oregon six months ago after one short year in California and that I now work from home, in a dedicated office, with a view on my very own backyard. Moxibustion and meditation are now part of my daily routine, I seasonally follow a 3-week cleanse and I'm about to start reading this book (terrible title and cover, but it was warmly recommended to me) about womanhood.

I was surprised about how tiny and flexible the needles are. What about you? Did you try acupuncture? What for? How was it?