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Bonjour & Welcome! Conscious by Chloé is a Sustainable Lifestyle Blog focusing on Zero Waste, Slow Living, and Ethical Fashion.

The Zero Waste Switch Challenge

The Zero Waste Switch Challenge by Conscious by Chloé

It all started when my friend, former colleague and fellow blogger Véronique* started sending me pictures of her zero-waste accomplishments on Facebook.

I've learnt a lot ever since I've publicly shared my intentions to live a greener life. I thought that it would in a way ostracize me but the exact opposite happened: people are really open to it, share with me what they already do at home and actually ask me for advice.

We don't all have the time or the motivation to become zero-waste from one month to another. But there are simple steps that we can take to make ourselves feel better, save a little money in the short and long run and, last but not least, take care of our planet.

I've been trying to come up with ways to share my experience and knowledge. One of them is this blog, another one is through the bulk buying workshops I'm starting to teach in Portland, but what about you, readers from all over the world (insert proud face here)? Véro had already given me a solution.

I realized that challenges are something that work well with me, in a non-competitive way (unless I'm the winner). Knowing that a group of people and I are on the same boat keeps me motivated. So I thought that a fun and simple way to do this together would be through a weekly challenge.

If you want to join in, sign up for the zero-waste challenge and get ready to go on an eye-opening adventure with a group of like-minded people.

We'll be starting on Saturday 2nd April but you are free to complete the tasks in your own time, even saving them up and completing them all at once! I'll be sending through a new recipe, DIY, or switch recommendation each week and will hopefully give you the motivation to give it a try! And of course every challenge needs a hashtag! Ours will be #ZWswitchallenge. I'll share my updates with you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I really hope you will share yours too!

*Véronique is also the one thanks to (or because) whom it all started.


And don't hesitate to share your zero-waste successes any time with #ZWswitchallenge regardless of whether it's related to this week's specific theme. I just love to see what you all have in stock and get more inspiration from our growing community!

You are never not supported

One week after arriving in Portland - still living in motels/working from cafés during the week and camping on week-ends - I attended the June Creative Mornings session.

Funny coincidence, exactly one year before, I had attended another Creative Mornings conference in LA while I was living at a friend's place, having just moved from Switzerland to California.

This time, I had no idea who the speaker was, but I usually trust the judgement of the CM community and went to the Portland Arts Museum full of hope and confidence, ready to hear words of wisdom and meet new friends.

After being introduced by Creative Morning Portland's host Tsilli Pines, Jennifer Armbrust entered the stage and started her talk with some meditation, which reminded me of how my philosophy teacher back in high school used to dedicate a few minutes to listening to a song or telling a story, reading a book or watching a video in order to make a transition from the outside world to the world of philosophy.

During this exercise, she said something that has stuck with me:

You are never not supported Jennifer Armbrust meditation by Conscious by Chloé

I don't know why, of all the many, many interesting subjects she developed, this one affected me the most. Maybe it's because I was in an unstable position, starting a new life (again), looking for a place to live, not knowing anybody here. I was pretty happy & exciting about this new adventure, yet I might just needed someone to remind me this: No matter what, you will never not be supported (by the Earth).

It's funny to see how a couple words can make you feel secure again. Octave's friend Rémy has another way to cope with stressful situations by visualizing how huge the universe is and how small we are.

The whole conference was very inspiring to me, and I keep referring to it and sending links to the talk to my friends. For those who want to know more, I'll just say that Jenn is an artist and a consultant; she approaches business as art. Amongst other rad projects including an art gallery, she developed 3 projects that piqued my interest: her Feminist Business School, her Proposal for the Feminine Economy and Sister.

Here is the video of Jennifer's conference, if you'd like to watch it.

What about you, what makes you stay strong when everything else is falling apart? What's your mantra?

Save water

Save water drink water by Conscious by Chloé

Having lived in California for the past year, before moving to Oregon, I've been made pretty aware of the need to treat water as a precious commodity.

I remember reading a sign during the drought at the entrance of a bar in Newport Beach which read: Save water, drink beer. It made me smile, but not for long, as I now know too well how much water crops require.

It virtually only takes 1 gallon of water to produce 1 gallon of water.

So keep that it mind next time you're thirsty. And don't forget to always take your canteen with you when you leave home.

Also, you can download on your phone the findafountain or the WeTap app on your phone in order to find the closest drinkable water fountain in your area.

It's OK to Say No

It was in 2006, I had come back from a few months studying in England. I had passed my final exams and was in the process of writing my masters' thesis. And I had just landed my first real job.

She was more of a friends' friend, she had already graduated, and was working as an assistant to a professor at my university. She was a good student (I remember her notes being photocopied and passed along from student to student to prepare for exams), an icon, a muse to a painter, an actress, with her deep voice and flamboyant curly blonde hair. I would never have thought that we would ever hang out.

By an unexpected turn of events, she somewhat convinced me to take part in a large scale theater project - based on the fact that I had no idea of the difference between a musical choir and a theatrical one, but that's a whole other story. We would rehearse twice a week during hours and hours and consequently spend a lot of time together.

One day, she told me those six words:

It's OK to say no calligraphy mantra by Conscious by Chloé

It changed my perspective on life forever. I had never realized that I was a "yes person", always ready to go out, always tagging along. I had never realized that it could sometimes be a burden. Until I felt some relief the first time I said no.

I put this mantra in practice for minor events (going out for a movie I was not super eager to watch) and for major decisions (turning down a job offer people in my field would "kill" for). And I'm glad I now wrote it black on white and white on black to share it with you.

She has since then been my mentor. I've always admired the bold decisions she made in life - both personal and professional - still today, despite the distance.

Thank you Ariane.

Do you have a mentor? What's your mantra? I'd love to know who and what inspires you. Please share!