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Zero Waste City Guide - Portland, OR

Zero Waste City Guide to Portland Oregon by Conscious by Chloé

Portland is a Zero Waster's dream. From food co-ops to dedicated Zero Waste grocery stores (4 of those will open in 2019), from compost pick-up services to tool libraries, it offers a multitude of opportunities to reduce your waste and your impact on the planet.

The idea for this guide sparked as I was pinning more and more places on Google Maps and as more and more people started asking me for recommendations to shop in bulk.

I eventually created a new platform dedicated to Portland-specific resources: Zero Waste PDX!

But before you head over there, here are 4 things that you can do to become a Zero Waste Expert in one of the world's most environmentally conscious cities.

Zero Waste PDX

1. Sign up for the Zero Waste PDX Mailing List

Published only a couple times a year, the newsletter will keep you updated on major news about waste management in Portland, events that you shouldn't miss like our own Zero Waste Conference, and places that are worth checking out.

Sign up now and be notified of major zero waste happenings!

2. Bookmark the Zero Waste PDX Resource Map

Above is a map of businesses, organizations and markets around Portland that support our zero waste lifestyle.

I've created various layers so that the map is not overcrowded.

You can show them by clicking on the arrow on the top left of the map and selecting the ones you're interested to see.

Then click on each of the locations to have more information about which products they sell in bulk, which items they accept for donation or what can be recycled there.

  • Buy in Bulk
  • Shop Second Hand/Donate
  • Recycling/Composting
  • Sharing Economy
  • Green Home Improvement
  • Skill Learning
  • Chemical-Free Self Care
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

The map is also available in full page.

Zero Waste PDX Facebook Group

3. Join the Zero Waste PDX Community on Facebook

In this 1'600+ members group, Portlanders publish relevant news and tips about zero waste in the Portland Metro Area. We also repost important events such as Repair Cafés, food swaps, workshops, leaf days, neighborhood collection events, etc.

Join us now and become a local zero waste expert!

Zero Waste Home Tour Portland by Conscious by Chloé

4. Take a Zero Waste Home Tour!

The best way to learn all the zero waste tips you can apply at home is to see them in action. Come visit my house and learn, room after room, about the easy and simple ways you can start reducing your footprint, from collecting compost in your freezer to making your own toothpaste.

Book a tour now and learn all the secrets from a local Zero Waster!

I hope you'll find this guide useful. If you have comments or questions, don't hesitate to write them below, and I'll answer them if I can or orient you to the best resources I'll find.