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Zero Waste City Guide - Portland, OR

Zero Waste City Guide to Portland Oregon by Conscious by Chloé

Portland is a Zero Waster's dream. From food co-ops to dedicated low waste shops, from compost pick-up services to tool libraries, it offers a multitude of opportunities to reduce your waste and your impact on the planet.

The Zero Waste PDX Resource Map, also available in full page.

Above is a map of businesses, organizations and markets around Portland that support our zero waste lifestyle.

I've created various layers so that the map is not overcrowded.

You can show them by clicking on the arrow on the top left of the map and selecting the ones you're interested to see.

Then click on each of the locations to have more information about which products they sell in bulk, which items they accept for donation or what can be recycled there.

And you will find below Conscious by Chloé's Ultimate Zero Waste Guide to Portland, Oregon!

Zero Waste PDX Portland Oregon

1. Zero Waste Essentials made or provided locally

2. Buy in Bulk

Is this your first bulk shopping trip? Check out this Shopping in Bulk 101 Guide. And keep your eyes peeled for refillable beer bottles.


Special items


3. Shop Second Hand/Donate

The most sustainable way to shop, is to not shop, but if you really need something, second-hand is an earth-friendly option (according to the amazing Buyerarchy of Needs).

4. Repair / Renovate

Make it last! I recently discovered my passion for darning socks, but sometimes, you need to let a professional do the work.

5. Recycling / Composting

Portland residents have access to curbside recycling (and some to composting too), but many other items can be diverted from the landfill through the following organizations.

6. Sharing Economy

Sharing is caring. And do you really need to buy your own tablesaw? Check out these free sharing resources and never buy another item you'll only use once.

7. Skill Learning

Learning how to do or make something is really empowering and those skills can then be passed along to friends or future generations!

8. Chemical-Free Self Care

Self care is so important, but you want to make sure that it is as good for you as it is for the people who provide it and... the planet.

9. Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants

Do I really need to tell you how hurtful mass animal exploitation is for the ecosystem?

Check out the map, there are so many great restaurants in town this article would be endless :)

Another great resource is Eat Plastic Free PDX (especially for take-out during the pandemic)

10. Portland Zero Waste Heroes

Because Portland wouldn't be the green hub it is without these every day eco-warriors, I wanted to give them a shout-out!

Get involved

And volunteer in the many organizations and community stores mentioned above (SCRAP, Free Geek, etc.).

More resources


  • Talking Trash with Peggy LaPoint - A Green Tips podcast diving into the world of sustainability by talking to people in business and non-profits, and folks knee-deep in the field of sustainability
  • The Ecopreneur Show - A podcast about entrepreneurs and leaders that are creating real life solutions for a more sustainable future

10. Join the Zero Waste Community!

Zero Waste City Guide to Portland Oregon by Conscious by Chloé

I hope you'll find this guide useful. I'll try to keep it updated. Please share your comments and suggestions in the comments below.