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10 Little Things

Girl in bed with glasses by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé

  1. Putting on my rain boots for the first time after summer
  2. Reading a book in bed
  3. Going for a walk while listening to my favorite podcasts
  4. Remembering moments shared with my grand parents
  5. Feeling a warm ray of sunshine on my skin while I'm lounging on the sofa
  6. Falling asleep to jazz music while he's driving
  7. Writing notes and sipping a cup of chai latte at my favorite café
  8. Observing squirrels in the garden while I'm sitting at my desk
  9. Pressing my body against his early in the morning
  10. Going camping in the middle of the week when everyone else is working in the city

Please share in the comments section below what makes you happy. This article was inspired by a list written (in French) by Caroline Weiler.

Photograph by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.