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10 Little Things

Silhouette in the middle of the Oregon coast fern forest by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé

We don't necessarily notice them, but those little things put a little magic into our lives.

Here are 10 little things that have been making me happy lately:

  1. Meeting someone inspiring
  2. Living in a house that has a bath tub (don't worry, as the saying goes, to save water, we bath together)
  3. Never not learning
  4. Being part of a women's group
  5. Talking on Skype with my family in France
  6. Going on a spontaneous 2-day road trip on the Oregon coast with my favorite explorer, even though it's pouring rain (see picture above)
  7. Hearing one of my chicks snore in the bathroom where we made her a comfy bed to recover after a stupid raccoon attack last week-end
  8. Being used as a guinea pig for what promises to be the best vanilla ice cream ever made (recipe coming soon)
  9. Planning on going to a concert and ending up in a pretty good hole in the wall instead
  10. Having a big trip planned in a couple weeks and spending hours online to prepare it, mostly on my favorite instagramers' feed

I'd love to hear what little things make you happy, please share them in the comments section below.