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Natural Make-Up Essentials

Natural make up essentials by Conscious by Chloé

Like most wide scale projects, my journey to zero waste is paved with failures.

One day, I decided to either get rid or finish my chemicals-filled cosmetics and to replace them by homemade ones. If I couldn't make my own, I would simply make do without them.

Almost 2 years later, this system no longer suits me. While I loved taking a break from make up, I now realize that I need it back into my life. Not for every day, not for special occasions, but rather just for when I feel like wearing some: to add a little color to my morning routine, to make me feel more confident when I know I'm gonna start blushing.

I managed to make my own lip balm and face powder, but haven't got the courage yet to tackle foundation and mascara. I need more time, more ingredients, more containers, more work and research.

So I decided to apply my motto: simpler, greener, happier. Putting on make up makes me happier. Buying these products - for now - makes my life simpler. And choosing brands I trust makes the whole process greener (or let's say, less harmful).

So here is my selection, based on the product composition and/or its country of production:

  1. Lip stain (that I use on my cheeks too), made in the USA

  2. Foundation stick, made in the USA

  3. Nail Polish, made in the USA

  4. Goat Hair & bamboo Brush Set, made in the USA

  5. Illuminating brightener stick, made in the USA

  6. Brow powder, made in the USA

  7. Mascara, made in Italy

  8. Eyelash curler

I put a little coconut oil on my face before applying the foundation and a little homemade face powder after.

I basically remove my make up when I shower at night, but I suppose I could simply use coconut or almond oil and a reusable pad.

PS: I'm planning on using these containers for my future homemade recipes!

If you want to read more about cosmetics safety, I highly recommend you to have a look at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

The products I present in my looks and selections come from either local, sustainable, ethical brands, or from brands whose values I share. Feel free to send me other product ideas or recommend brands to me, especially ones using salvaged and/or organic products. The more info, the better. Thank you!