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10 Little Things

Macrame wall hanging by Conscious by Chloé

After a rough last week with a non-stop 2-day migraine, I am glad to be back on the blog. It has been some time since I last shared a list of 10 little things that make me happy, so here are mine from the last couple weeks.

  1. Contemplating on participating in a silent retreat
  2. Seeing people around me bring reusable cups to events because they saw me do this before to prevent waste production
  3. Teaching myself a new craft after meeting this inspiring artist
  4. Inviting friends over and cooking them dinner
  5. Meeting with like-minded people: women, minimalists, entrepreneurs
  6. Cutting a slice of still warm & freshly baked bread (recipe coming soon)
  7. Reading more books in a month than in the whole last year
  8. Finally finding an almost empty mailbox every day after having struggled with the previous tenants' mail or junk mail for months
  9. Receiving an update email or voice message from a friend I had lost touch with
  10. Reading my favorite French wannabe & wine lover's blog

What about you? What little things make you happy? Please share them in the comments section below.