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The Zero Waste Switch Challenge

The Zero Waste Switch Challenge by Conscious by Chloé

It all started when my friend Véronique* started sending me pictures of her zero-waste accomplishments on Facebook.

I've learned a lot since I've publicly shared my intentions to live a greener life. I thought that it would in a way ostracize me but the exact opposite happened: people are really open to it, share with me what they already do at home and actually ask me for advice.

We don't all have the time or the motivation to become zero-waste from one month to another. But there are simple steps that we can take to make ourselves feel better, save a little money in the short and long run and, last but not least, take care of our planet.

I've been trying to come up with ways to share my experience and knowledge. One of them is this blog, another one is through the bulk buying workshops I'm starting to teach in Portland, but what about you, readers from all over the world (insert proud face here)? Véro had already given me a solution.

I realized that challenges are something that work well with me, in a non-competitive way (unless I'm the winner). Knowing that a group of people and I are on the same boat keeps me motivated. So I thought that a fun and simple way to do this together would be through a weekly challenge.

If you want to join in, sign up for the 10-week Zero Waste Switch Challenge and get ready to go on an eye-opening adventure with a group of like-minded people.

Feel free to complete the tasks in your own time, even saving them up and completing them all at once! I'll be sending through a new recipe, DIY, or switch recommendation each week and will hopefully give you the motivation to give it a try! And of course every challenge needs a hashtag! Ours will be #ZWswitchallenge. I'll share my updates with you on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I really hope you will share yours too!

  • Véronique is the one thanks to (or because of whom) it all started when she gave me this book.

The Zero Waste Switch Challenge by Conscious by Chloé

Are you ready to take on the #ZWSwitchChallenge?