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10 Little Things

Homemade Toothpaste Candle and Bath Salts by Conscious by Chloé

  1. Having had two full weeks of snow here in Portland
  2. Getting to light the candles I recently made with Jessica
  3. Making the handmade gifts pictured above for a couple of friends' birthdays
  4. Buying another new plant for my home
  5. Starting a new job, learning new skills and meeting new people
  6. Leaving early in the morning for a backcountry snowshoeing & snowboarding session with someone we meet through Instagram
  7. Watching the birds through my window
  8. Participating in the Women's March on Portland with a group of inspiring women
  9. Buying myself a locally made badass jumpsuit
  10. Watching this video (even though I'm really not a fan of zoos)

Please share in the comments section below what little things have been making you happy lately.