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Capsule Wardrobe - The Future is Female

The Future is Female Look by Conscious by Chloé
Photo credits: Octave Zangs

Last Sunday, I attended a late brunch with the one and only Sara Britton of My New Roots. The first time I saw her was actually half and hour before the brunch, when I saw her at one of my favorite Portland shops, asking about a boob print shirt.

This may not seem relevant at this point of the article, but the title might have already given you a hint.

As soon as I got in for brunch, a guest walked up to me to compliment me on my t-shirt (I get that a lot, thanks!), inquire about where I got it (Field Trip) and ask me whether I had seen the SNL skit about it the night before (I had not).

Long story short, feminine and feminist t-shirts are all the rage now and a fantastic conversation starter. Discussions spark with a little anecdote and can then lead to more profound exchanges about the current social and political climate and the uncertain future of female reproductive rights.

I am happy to report that I have now watched the show and decided that, in celebration of International Women's Day tomorrow, I would post this outfit which includes my beloved "The Future is Female" t-shirt.

The Future is Female Look by Conscious by Chloé

The Future is Female Look by Conscious by Chloé

The Future is Female Look by Conscious by Chloé

The Future is Female Look by Conscious by Chloé

For those of you who are curious about the meaning of this historic t-shirt, here is a reminder. And don't forget to take action!

Worn / Raincoat: Similar available via Everlane (made responsibly in VietNam), Bandana: Kiriko (made in the USA, printed in Portland, OR), T-shirt: Otherwild (made in the USA + 25% of sweatshirt sale proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood), Pants: American Apparel (made in the USA), Sneakers: Similar available via NeedSupply (made responsibly in Brazil).

Unless provided, the origin of the items showcased in my looks will not be disclosed as I may no longer share the values of the brands from which I purchased them. I highly recommend you to look for an alternative in my shop, look for similar items in second hand shops or, if you're talented and/or motivated, make your own!