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5 Favorite Conscious Blogs

Best Conscious Blogs by Conscious by Chloé

I am a big consumer of news and podcasts and have also been an avid reader of all kinds of blogs for the past 10 years. I've relied on a number of ways to keep up with my favorites (RIP Google Reader) and now use Feedly to stay up to date with my daily conscious, style, and interior design blogs.

From eco-fashion to minimalism, mindfulness, activism, and zero-waste cooking, here are 5 of the best blogs you can find in my feed.

Reading my Tea Leaves for Conscious by Chloé

Lifestyle - Reading my tea leaves

Erin Boyle lives in a tiny Brooklyn apartment with her husband and 2 kids. Her blog is a constant reminder to consider every item that enters your life. I read her book this winter and highly recommend you do the same.

Favorite section: It's hard to choose, but Erin's life in a tiny apartment posts are a big inspiration to me.

Style Bee for Conscious by Chloé

Style - Style Bee

Once you've started reading Lee Vosburgh's journal, you'll immediately want to become her best friend... in order to be allowed to borrow all. her. clothes! Check out her Insta Stories, they're a great way to see how Lee styles various outfits from the same base layers.

Where to start: Her 10 x 10 challenge really caught my attention and I'm also currently loving her loungewear series (#CurrentlyWorkingInMyPJs).

Ashley Neese for Conscious by Chloé

Spirituality - Ashley Neese

I've only been reading Ashley's blog for a couple of weeks, but it's already one of my favorites and a great resource for anyone interested in subjects ranging from holistic beauty to mineral therapy.

An inspiring read: Ashley's gratitude practice really resonates with me.

Ecocult for Conscious by Chloé

Information - EcoCult

Ecocult was founded by Alden Wicker, a NYC-based writer whose bold reporting style kept me coming back.

Why I read Ecocult: Alden's weekend reading is an endless source of information, from eco-fashion, to travel and activism.

Zero Waste Chef for Conscious by Chloé

Food - Zero Waste Chef

I have to admit that Anne Marie's blog is not in my feed (I don't really follow cooking blogs), but I surely have been reading it a lot lately since I've started experimenting with the sourdough starter I recently brought home from a food exchange.

Favorite recipe: Anne Marie's sourdough crackers recipe is everything I had been looking for after I realized that only a small portion of my sourdough starter was going to be used to bake bread. I used the rest to make these crackers and felt like I had just saved the world (#understatement).

5 Best Conscious Blogs by Conscious by Chloé

Pictures by Samantha Gades and Sarah Dorweiler

Those are only some of my favorite conscious bloggers. Do you follow any of them? Who else do you follow? Recommend them to me in the comment section below so I can add them to my reader.