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Zero Waste On The Go

Zero Waste On The Go by Conscious by Chloé

I've been showing what's in my to go bag a lot on Insta Stories lately and got many questions about my Zero Waste tips on the go.

So here's what's in my to-go bag at all times:

  • a napkin: you've now seen this one everywhere, I made it during a shibori dyeing class a couple summers ago. I use it as a napkin at restaurants, as a handkerchief, to dry my hands at the restroom, to pack my croissant furoshiki-style at the bakery on Sunday mornings (not at all the same time).

  • a muslin bag: my mother in law sewed a bunch of these for me for Christmas, but the one I use the most is a dust bag I got from a local shop. I bring it to the bakery to put my croissant in, or fill it with trail mix when I go for a hike.

  • stainless steel straws (regular and fat): for juice or bubble tea.

  • stainless steel chopsticks: I got mine for free through my local Buy Nothing chapter. They are pretty heavy but do the job. I take them with me in order to avoid using the non reusable ones wrapped in paper you usually find at sushi restaurants.

  • mason jars: of various sizes, for various uses, from coffee mug to leftovers container.

  • a drink top: to put on my mason jar and drink my chai tea without spilling it.

  • a stainless steel box: to put leftovers in at restaurants.

That's a lot of items, but I like to be ready for any scenario. I usually leave the bag in my car and just grab whatever I need before getting off. I guess you can do the same, or, just be a little more organized than I am and plan for the day before leaving on your bike or to take the bus/tram/metro.

Also, weight is no issue for me, because I mostly walk short distances or drive. But most of these items can be found in lighter versions (like bamboo or titanium chopsticks). A bamboo utensil kit is also pretty lightweight and durable, I'd recommend starting here.

What's one thing you always carry with you to prevent waste?

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