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In-Flight Essentials

In-Flight Essentials by Conscious by Chloé

Following up on Tuesday's article about jet lag, and considering I'm flying across the country to meet my parents in Florida next week, I thought I'd share with you my in-flight essentials to make my air travels as comfortable as possible:

  • ESSENTIAL OILS ROLL-ON - I like to massage a little oil on my temples to help me fall asleep and prevent migraines. To be used with moderation so the scent does not inconvenience your fellow passengers.

  • EAR PLUGS - Constant captain announcements, babies crying, neighbor snoring, you name it. My ear plugs are the first thing I put when I get on board. I even sometimes only wait until I've left the plane to take them off. It makes the transition to the outside smoother.

  • FACE MASK - I still do not get the logic of blind opening and closing policy of the airlines I've travelled with. So my face mask is my best ally to trick my body into thinking it's sleeping time.

  • CASHMERE THROW - I'm always cold on airplanes, no matter how hot it is. So socks and a soft throw are a must. I usually repurpose my throw as a big scarf or a picnic blanket according to my destination. And it's so much more comfortable than the ones provided my the airplanes (which are usually wrapped in plastic!).

  • COLLAPSIBLE CUP - This one is my latest travel purchase. I used to only fly with a stainless steel canteen but realized that a cup is pretty handy for the occasional tomato juice (say no to single use plastic cups!).

What's the one thing you always pack for a long flight?