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My 10×10 Closet Challenge - Fall Edition (2017) - Day 4

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Look Day 4 by Conscious by Chloé

We're now at Day 4 of the fall 10×10 Challenge.

And you're discovering the last one of the 10 pieces I picked for this season.

I thought we'd never be able to shoot it since the weather has been so unpredictable for the past 2 days.

Yesterday, as I drove to the Maker Mixer event, the wind was blowing so hard that shop sandwich boards were flying in the middle of the streets, then it started raining, and finally, as if it weren't dramatic enough, it hailed!

Yep, we're in the Pacific NorthWest, there's no denying it. And I'm slowly realizing that I included no real outerwear in my selection. Although we all know that many people around here do not own umbrellas and prefer a good old rain jacket, I do carry one in my bag. Since my rain jacket ( a French brand, made in Madagascar) has got no waterproof seams (epic shopping fail), I just do without. People must think I'm a tourist, with my weather-inappropriate attire and my colorful umbrella. But I don't mind a bit.

Anyhoo, let's stop talking about the weather...

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Look Day 4 by Conscious by Chloé

My Day 4 Outfit

Yep, another sweater.

I had planned on adding a denim shirt to the mix, but, since I've been feeling really under the weather with these migraines, I opted for comfort.

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Look Day 4 by Conscious by Chloé

Sweater - I've had this one for a loooong time and the arms are a little short, and the color is a little yellowish, but I can't part with it. I remember Octave making a cute comment about the little wool balls and I think about it every time I decide to wear it. Similar here.

Pants - Lauren Winter, made in Portland, OR.

Shoes - Danner, made in Portland, OR.

Now I'm just gonna say that I wish my earrings were from this brand, but they're not, and insist on the fact that bringing your own cup at coffee shops is the best conversation starter, and that if, on top of that, you have a cute homemade cozy for your mason jar, you'll make new friends, for sure, so ditch the disposable cup and invest in a sustainable alternative!

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Look Day 4 by Conscious by Chloé

OK, now it's time for me to go to the gym. See you guys tomorrow!

Do you have any ethical rain jacket recommendations? Bonus points if they're cute too!

Pictures by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.