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Podcast - A Conversation with Meghann Percy of Kiss That World

The Kiss That World Podcast Episode with Conscious by Chloé

Being a member of the Ethical Writers & Creatives gang is amongst the best things that have happened to me during my blogging journey. Having a community of like-minded professionals, being able to share our experiences and struggles on an online platform and collaborating on projects is pretty much a dream come true.

I got to do three of these things with fellow member Meghann Percy. She got in touch with me close to a year ago as she was planning a trip to Portland with friends and we met at my neighborhood café on a warm summer morning.

She mentioned that she was about to launch her own podcast and would love to record an interview. We ended up chatting and totally forgetting about the tape that was rolling.

Then life happened, I traveled, she launched the Kiss That World podcast.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago, and we were chatting again, this time through Skype, for a legit podcast recording session.

Amongst many other topics, we talked about:

  • my journey to zero waste
  • Portland's Master Recycler program
  • the concept of a circular economy
  • dealing with finances with your significant other.

Here is the conversation we recorded a couple weeks ago.

PS: Make sure to listen to it until the very end, I promise it's worth it, Meghann is just so hilarious (you'll understand what I mean).

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