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Worn #8 / You Can't Go Wrong with Neutrals

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé
Photo credits: Octave Zangs

Last night was a good hair night, so I bribed Octave with the promise of dinner at our favorite taco joint in exchange for a quick photo session on the way there.

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

I had thrown this outfit together before heading to an event at WM Goods.

Create + Connect is a monthly gathering where a small business owner shares her journey and opens the discussion on a subject of her choice. Last night's host was Stefani Padilla of La Tierra Sagrada (hence the good hair day, I had actually washed and blowdried it as I knew I would feel self conscious if I showed up with messy and dirty hair at an event hosted by a hair stylist).

We talked about self care, the full moon, and crazy people.

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

I'm currently letting my bangs grow. Is this a good or a bad idea?

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

Worn #8 / Trench: Only Child (made in Oakland, CA), Top: second hand, Jeans: old American Apparel (made in Los Angeles, CA), Shoes: Everlane (made in Val D’Arno, Italy).

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

This trench was my paren'ts birthday gift to me. It took me hours to decide between the cotton canvas and the linen version and then to chose a color. Camel and rust were close contenders, but I ended up sticking with a neutral palette and ordered the oatmeal. You can't go wrong with neutrals, right?

The same had happened to me a couple weeks earlier with the shoes. I have not regretted that decision, but did feel a little stupid when Andrea - who's got them in cognac - mentioned that she would never buy light-colored suede shoes in rainy and muddy Portland.

I did inadvertenly pour a drink on these shoes the first night I wore them, so I suppose the universe just wanted me to realize quickly that they'll never stay perfect.

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

This reminds me of something. When you were a younger, did kids at school also step on your brand new shoes to "baptize" them (aka make them dirty) or was this just a ridiculous custom/bullying tradition in my school?

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

You've already seen this top here, those jeans here and this necklace here.

I still have some weight to lose to be back to where I was when I felt great in my skin, but I'm on the right path and already feel comfortable in those high-waisted mom jeans (even while seating! Woop woop!).

I usually wear this top under a jumpsuit since it's a crop top, but can now also pair it with high waisted pants.

I stopped wearing this necklace for a while as I had taken it and worn it almost daily during a month-long trip to Europe last year. Now that I've missed it I'm happy to wear it again.

Neutral Look by Conscious by Chloé

Do you also stop wearing items altogether only to be happy to find them again after a while and enjoy them again?