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10 Little Things

person sitting near body of water
Photo by Daria Kopylova

We don't necessarily notice them, but those little things put a little magic into our lives.

Here are 10 little things that have been making me happy lately:

  1. Cycling in Long Beach with a dorky helmet on (thank you Alyssa).
  2. Using my legs as only means of transportation and carrying my home on my back (i.e. I went backpacking).
  3. People watching during long Metro commutes.
  4. Drinking (filtered) fresh water from lakes and streams.
  5. Swimming half naked in said lakes.
  6. Watching the stars.
  7. Waking up with the sun.
  8. Spending 4 days in the wild with 6 badass women.
  9. Talking to strangers.
  10. Traveling alone.

What about you? What little things have been making you happy lately?