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My 10×10 Closet Challenge - Fall Edition (2018) - Day 1-5

The 10x10 challenge is always such an exciting time for me!

I spend more time than I care to admit coming up with new outfit combinations and scrolling through the #fall10x10 and #10x10friends hashtags on Instagram (PS: did you know you can follow a hashtag on Instagram?)

It's so much fun to make new friends, get inspiration from you all and reflect on my relationship with style, community and society in general.

In this regard, the hashtag #10x10representationmatters caught my attention and made my heart explode. There's so much truth and wisdom in the posts published by people who are generally underrepresented in the fashion industry in general and on the little piece of the Internet that the 10x10 challenge occupies.

You know what else made my week? This twinning look!

Fall 10x10 Jewelry Capsule with Seaworthy, Passage and Via Raiz

Before I show you all the wonderful combination I came up with, I'd like to share with you the little jewelry capsule collection I borrowed from friends and local business owners for this 10x10. It features pieces made by/sold by:

  • Passage Jewelry, designs inspired by natural and spiritual elements, handmade in Portland, OR: use code "Chloe20" for 20% off

  • Seaworthy, jewelry and home accessories, handmade in Portland, OR: use code "CHLOE" for 20% off on full price items.

  • Via Raiz, a place where Mexican craftsmanship meets modern design.

Fall 10x10 Day 1 Look - Everlane Utility Pants in Golden Brown by Conscious by Chloé

Day 1

Fall is such an unpredictable season. You might have the chance to have a "late summer" or suddenly get caught in a rain storm.

Confession: we still have not turned the heater on a home, and just put on one more layer underneath or on top of others.

To me, this is the perfect transition look. Closed toe shoes, pants, and a basket, the ultimate summer accessory, to make believe that summer is not over yet. Of course, I kept my jacket close by, for the crisper evenings.

Fall 10x10 Day 2 Look - Everlane Cashmere Crew Sweater in Heather Grey by Conscious by Chloé

Day 2

You see me laughing in the picture because I'm happily surprised about the fact that I can sit somewhat comfortably on a stool while wearing a pair of high-waisted jeans.

Side note: I've fallen in love again with them after I cut the hem raw (you might have caught a glimpse of the process a while ago in my stories).

Fall 10x10 Day 3 Look - Everlane Cashemere Crew Sweater & Wide Leg Crop Pants in Black by Conscious by Chloé

Day 3

This combination is way too easy and obvious and I could have kept it for later in the challenge, when it's getting harder to come up with creative options, but sometimes, it's OK to chose the easy route.

I usually follow the rule according to which black does not pair well with navy, but decided to go against it and absolutely love the result.

Message for Octave: Please note that this bag is on my wishlist, wink wink!

Fall 10x10 Day 4 Look - Everlane Cashmere Crew Sweater in Heather Grey by Conscious by Chloé

Day 4

This is my favorite look so far. I love the proportions, the sweater tucked into the high waisted pants, the cropped jeans, the makes ankles, the heeled clogs that elongate the silhouette.

About wooden clogs: As you can tell from the color of the wood I've had these clogs for 3 years now and are my go-to pair when I want to feel dressed up while keeping a casual vibe. I've sanded the soles this summer to give them a fresh look but it did not last long because I always walk in the dirt. That's fine by me.⠀

A French commercial for kids clothing once said: "À quoi ça sert d'imaginer des vêtements si on peut rien faire dedans ?" which translates into "What's the point of designing clothes if we can't do anything in them?"⠀

That's my philosophy. Wear the fancy clothes, use the good China. Just don't forget to give them a little TLC from time to time.⠀

Fall 10x10 Day 5 Look - Everlane Utility Pants in Golden Brown & Cashmere Crew Sweater in Heather Grey by Conscious by Chloé

Day 5

I was really not sure about this color combo, but you convinced me on Instagram that it was a classic, so I'll take it.

A word about Everlane's cashmere crews: The grey sweater really has a different feel compared to the black one (shown in the Day 3 look) even though they are the same size. It translates in the way it falls. The black one seems thicker and with a tighter fit whereas the grey one feels lighter and loser. I love them both, but thought it was worth mentioning...

Pictures by Alba Betancourt shot at Tendue.

Are your participating in the 10x10 challenge? Put a link to your profile or website in the comments? I'd love to follow along!