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Get Your Library Card

Stack of Books by Conscious by Chloé

If you're lucky enough to live in a place that has a library, I strongly recommend you to visit it.

No matter whether you're a (legal) resident or not, access is usually open to the public.

You can walk the aisles in search of a specific book, or simply get lost and let fate take you to your next narrative adventure.

If you can, I also highly encourage you to get your library card.

As much as I want to support writers and creators I do not necessarily have the budget to buy a copy of every single book I read or the shelf space to hold them.

Stack of Books on Bedside Table by Conscious by Chloé

Why I love libraries in general

  • they're free

  • they're accessible to all

  • they offer free (or affordable) culture in so many forms: books, films, music, classes, reading sessions, workshops.

  • they usually offer free (limited) Internet access.

  • they are a great place to visit or hang out in while in a new city.

So today, here's one thing you could do, visit your library's website (or give it a call) and see how you can sign up to get your card - most require a photo ID, others a proof of residence.

Stack of Books by Conscious by Chloé

Why I love the Multnomah County Library System in particular

  • it's free (besides the fact that some of your tax money supports this system)

  • you can order books online, then pick them up and drop them off at the library location that's closest to you - no need to travel across town!

  • you can request books and pause a hold if you're not ready to pick or read them just yet. I do that a lot since some books I want to read are very popular and I might be # 52 on the wait list.

  • you can borrow e- and audio-books online and synchronize them with your device (phone, tablet, reader).

  • similarly, you can access the Hoopla Digital Audiobooks library with your library card.

  • you can also stream movies for free via Kanopy - limited to 6 movies per month.

  • you can listen to Portland-made music via the Library Music Project - accessible to all.

If you live in the Portland, here's how to get a library card.

Get yours and send me a picture of you with your new card, or the first book you borrow (or tag me in it so I can see it). This would make me so proud and happy!

Stack of Books on Bedside Table by Conscious by Chloé

Free online books for all

Stack of Books by Conscious by Chloé

Books I'm currently reading

I heard someone read some of Rilke poems at a conference and have been so moved that I decided to read everything the poet wrote that I could put my hands on. This book is a correspondence between the author and a young poet, or are those letters he could have written to his younger self. It makes me want to write more, to loved ones, to strangers, to myself.

I have a slight obsession for personality tests. And the Enneagram was high on my list since everyone I know or follow talks about it. I borrowed this book because it was on the library shelves but have not been very excited by it. I'm really just only waiting for this one to be available so I might soon figure out what personality type I am.

Starhawk is regularly mentioned in La Poudre, a French feminist podcast I listen to so I decided to read her bestselling classic. I'm very excited to read about goddess worship and witchcraft.

You can also check out my feminist reading list for more book recommendations.

Everyone interested in sustainability, circularity, consumption habits and evolution should read this book. I've been reading it slowly, as I want to take the time to reflect in between chapters. After the story of a landfill, I'm now reading about the so-called plastic garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, microplastics pollution and its impact on our environment and food system. It's really eye-opening!

You can find more Zero Waste book inspiration over here too.

Tell me something about a book you read, a library you visited, or a great resource you'd like to share with all of us.