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Picture by Bramble Workshop

Happy Friday!

How are you? This week has been pretty busy and time has flown by. I'm looking forward to sleeping and catching up on... nothing! Oh I might finally start my seedlings! Here are a couple links to things that have caught my attention or kept me busy this week:

  • My artist friend Jessica makes the most beautiful shibori face masks (and totally needs support during these trying times).

  • I'm trying to convince Octave to let me cut his hair. He's been saying no for years, but recently sent me this.

  • I finally decided to journal.

  • Shred videos make be laugh so, so much. I recently listened to I'm A Believer by The Monkees, and thought it would be so, so good shredded, and the Internet had, of course, made it. Also, my ultimate fave!

  • How to get going: an all-comics edition.

  • God Bless the USPS!

  • For some reason, I currently have a hard time reading, but if I didn't, I'd join this book club.

  • I don't know anything about Italian music exept for 80s hits, but this song caught... my ear.

  • Hold your sub! This is so silly to think about how to look good in pictures right now, but this guy's energy is something! Remember the squinch?

  • I have to get the ingredients to try this Oatly Barista Milk alternative!

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Did you buy a mask? Did you make your own? Do you wear one?