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No Pants Week

Runaway Bicycle Blue Dress Portrait by Conscious by Chloé

Time for a little challenge.
I've talked in a recent blog post about my love for challenges during the pandemic (mostly workouts & yoga). They give a rhythm to my day and make me feel like by the time they end, this nightmare might be over.
I've had so much fun and inspiration following many challenges which I've seen pop up on Insta over the past weeks and since it's been quite a while since I last participated in one (it might have been a fall 10x10), I thought I would jump in!

Thrifted Yellow Linen Wrap Dress by Conscious by Chloé

Day 1

The #slowfashionspiritweek theme for Day 1 was "FANCY" so I took my board out and ironed my beloved secondhand linen dress, put on my most fancy jewelry (gifted by friends and family members) and slipped into a pair of gold slides I got in France last summer.

Outfit Details:

Linen Dress - thrifted (similar) at Urbanite
Crossover Sandals - bought in France (similar)

Thrifted Green Dress and Brookes Boswell Hat by Conscious by Chloé

Day 2

The #slowfashionspiritweek theme for Day 1 was "VACAY DAY". I may not have been in Hawaii on that day (I had planned on going there for my birthday, which was last week), but this did not prevent me from wearing my best travel outfit: another thrifted dress, a straw hat made by local maker, and these LA-made slides I got on sale last winter.
I may or may not have make myself a mocktail and sat in a lounge chair in the garden during a work break...

Outfit Details:

Hat - discontinued Brookes Boswell
Dress - thrifted (similar) at Button
Slides - discontinued Marais USA (similar) (7)

North of West Black Dress and Black Vans High Top by Conscious by Chloé

Day 3

I decided to go back to my childhood and rock this 90s look. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
The velvet choker made with the ribbon hanging from one of my scrunchies was a little too much but I decided to go for it nonetheless.
I should have captured my hairstyle with a half-updo and 2 loose streaks of hair framing my face but just imagine how Phoebe Buffay would have rocked it!
Any F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan in the house? Which character are you?

Outfit Details:

Dress - discontinued North of West (similar)
Tee - discontinued The Bee & The Fox (similar)
Sneakers (7) - Vans

Elizabeth Suzann Harlow Silk Crepe Dress and Everlane Form Three Strap Sandals Black by Conscious by Chloé

Day 4

For Day 4 of the #anythingbutpantsathome week, I paid homage to the amazing work that Liz and her team at Elizabeth Suzann have done over the past couple years (For a little background, they're going through really hard times).
I've had the chance to meet some of them during a journey they embarked on a couple years ago to gather knowledge and inspiration from other makers.
This fact alone was mind-blowing to me, and a reflection of what leadership, team-building and business-doing should look like.
But I'll also always remember that post Liz shared after she had BURIED FABRIC TO CHECK ITS COMPOSTABILITY!
Then there was the cost breakdown post, and many, many more.
The dress I was wearing today and a couple other pieces had been sent to me by ES. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I had been so inspired after meeting them that I remember how my mind was racing. I wrote a long email and pitched an article I wanted to write about natural dyeing (this one!)
Experimenting with such precious pieces seemed sacrilegious, but I went for it and embraced the imperfections.
Because that's what makes life interesting.
Liz & ES team, my heart goes out to you and I wish you all the best for the next chapter of your lives!

Outfit Details:

Silk Crepe Dress (home dyed)- Elizabeth Suzann
Sandals - discontinued Everlane (similar) (8)

Day 5

Runaway Bicycle Blue Dress and Everlane Day Heel Natural Suede by Conscious by Chloé

For Day 5 of the #anythingbutpantsathome week, I'm wearing a @runawaybicycle dress gifted to me by my friend Firouzeh last year after we worked together on a photoshoot.
Blue is a color I NEVER wear (except for denim, of course), but, for some reason, I like this shade and find myself reaching for this dress when I want to feel put together while still being comfortable. And look! It has POCKETS!
So here's my take on #dressupfriday. I'll probably be barefoot for the rest of the day, but you get the idea.
Now I'm off to compile this week's looks into a whole blog post. Come check it out on later today.
Happy Friday y'all!

Outfit Details:

Dress - sold out Runaway Bicycle via Loom & Rhythm (similar)
Shoes - Everlane (8)

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No Pants Week Challenge Yellow Linen Wrap Dress Nisolo Paloma Mules by Conscious by Chloé

Are you a dress person? Could you challenge yourself to spend a week without wearing pants?