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The Conscious List

Cabin in the Snow for Conscious by Chloé

This weekend I'm going on a challenging hike with a new friend and hope that it won't be too cloudy so I can see the view (unlike last time).

This week I'm reading this novel.

I'm obsessed with Stephanie's creative cooking Instagram account.

Girls on tops.

10 Easy Plastic-Free & Zero Waste Christmas Decorations to DIY.

I found the best vegan and gluten free cookies recipe.

Stamping with homemade walnut ink.

How cool is this giant beach bag?

This ITW of the founders of a local Zero Waste shop by my friend Annika.

My friend Fran mentioned she wanted to make a rug. I bookmarked this shag rug DIY.

All I really want for Christmas.

Picture by Fabian Mardi.