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Rolling Hills Embroidery Kit by Sunday Mornings Shop

Sunday Mornings Shop Rolling Hills Embroidery Kit by Conscious by Chloé

I'm happy to report that I've finished my first embroidery project.

Well, I had already given embroidery a try with these embroidered letters tees, but that was nothing compared to this work of art!


During their visit, my parents and I went shopping in town and they wanted me to have a tangible gift to give me for Christmas. So I chose this Rolling Hills Sunset Embroidery Kit at a local quilt shop.

It seemed smaller than I imagined it when I opened it and saw the tiny loop. But I eventually was thankful to start my embroidery journey with a small-scale project that I could finish in a short period of time.

I ended up taking my time and picking up my loop to take my eyes off the screen in between demanding tasks at work. Embroidery has high meditative benefits. I found myself less stressed and ready to get back to work with a sense of accomplishment.


The kit comes with everything you need. Well, almost.

  • I could have used an embroidery transfer pen to transfer the design onto the fabric (I used a pencil, which wasn't the most precise and long-lasting).

  • I also used my cute pair of Stork scissors to cut the threads.

  • I finished my work with fabric glue I had on hand but this technique also seems great if you have a glue gun.

I'm so glad about how this little project turned out and I've already found the perfect spot to show it in our entryway.

Now I'm wondering what my next embroidery artwork will be. I've got extra loops I found at the thrift store months ago and more embroidery floss than I need!


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