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6 Restaurants in Paris

Paris Restaurant Guide by Conscious by Chloé

How was my trip back to France already 2 months ago?

While this visit was mainly for boring paperwork purposes, we did get to spend some time in Paris and Octave decided to make the most of it by pretty much making reservations for every single lunch and dinner.

He got recommendations from his siblings, his dad, and this always-on-point foodie guide.

I will not give details about menus because, as any good restaurant would do, the menu changes on a very regular basis. The restaurants were simply chosen for their philosophy and their natural wine list...

Our American friends were surprised at how affordable the meals were, considering the quality of both the service and the dishes (and the fact that you don't need to add taxes or a mandatory tip to the bill).

If you're planning a trip to Paris, try making a reservation and if you're traveling in the summer, especially in August, be aware that MANY restaurants will be closed for the summer break.

Because it's impossible to choose which restaurant was the best, I simply listed them in the order we visited them.

I've made a Paris highlight on my Instagram so you can see what we ate and where we ate it.

1. Le Maquis
53 Rue des Cloys, 75018 Paris

2. Café Les Deux Gares
1 Rue des Deux Gares, 75010 Paris

3. Chinaski
46 Rue Daubenton, 75005 Paris

4. Bistrot des Tournelles
6 Rue des Tournelles, 75004 Paris

5. Café Compagnon
22-26 Rue Léopold Bellan, 75002 Paris

6. Bouche Paris
85 Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris

Not traveling to Paris? This cookbook, written by the founders of Septime came highly recommended and we've been having fun testing its recipes lately.

We, unfortunately, didn't get a chance to eat there as it was closed for the summer break but we did head over to Septime La Cave after dinner to get a couple more glasses of natural wine and a bottle of Octave's dad's cider.

Do you have recommendations for places to eat in Paris? I'd love to write them down for our next visit!

Picture by Alex Harmuth