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Fall and Winter Energy (and Money) Saving Tips

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The temperatures have dropped enough at night that we need to turn on the heat in the morning and this year, more than ever, I'm wondering how to be mindful of our energy consumption. I did a little research online and came up with the following tips. Please share yours in the comments!

1. Open your blinds during the day, and close them at night

Let the sunshine in during the day and keep the heat in at night. For some reason, I'm used to closing the blinds during the day in the summer but never really thought about closing them at night in the winter!

2. Leave the oven door open after using it

I'm planning on making madeleines early on Saturday mornings. Extra heat and good smells, now that's a great way to start the weekend!

3. Reverse your ceiling fans direction

I never owned a fan so this fact blew my mind. When a fan rotates clockwise, it creates an updraft and circulates warm air around the room.

4. Close the doors

... and only heat the rooms you're using. I'm also considering adding a partition curtain in our hallway...

5. Lower your overall thermostat temperature

I read that 68F is a good call and I just finished knitting a sweater. This might work...

6. Turn down the thermostat at night

It is said that we get better sleep in a cool environment anyway (65F).

7. Get a smart thermostat

You might even be able to get one for free or a fraction of the price as certain energy providers offer incentives (Energy trust of Oregon, PG&E,Central Electric Cooperative, etc.)! Or if, like for me, a smart thermostat is not an option for your set-up, read the instructions and program your mini-split.

8. Lower your water heater thermostat

If you're renting like me, you might want to ask your landlord to do that for you... I read that 120F could be a good call but do some research.

9. Weatherstrip your doors and windows

Or get draft stoppers.

10. Insulate your water heater tank

I never knew water heater blankets existed! The entryway downstairs in our rental is super cold and I'm obsessing over this. This might be something I'll think about when I build/renovate my own home though. The same goes for pipes.

Picture by Hans Isaacson

What do you do in the winter to save energy?