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The Conscious List

El Viento Conoce Mi Nombre by Isabel Allende by Conscious by Chloé

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I'm planning another big hike!

  • This week I'm reading this book. I'm so excited to be reading in Spanish again!

  • My fave store has moved and is reopening this weekend!

  • I'm having way too much fun "signing" my sewing projects with this stamp.

  • I stumbled upon this video while doing some research to repair my Birkenstocks. Talk about reuse!

  • This week we celebrated Lughnasadh. I'm adding it to my calendar for every year!

  • I'm really getting into lino- and block printing. This video is the best to understand the process!

  • I'm working on recreating this gingham set.

  • I made this recipe this week and liked it way better with huckleberries on top to balance the sweetness.

  • My next pant pattern.

  • A controversial podcast I'm about to start listening to.

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