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My Zero Waste and Minimalist YouTube Playlist for a More Sustainable 2024

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Happy Friday! What have you been up to this week?

I'm working on my intentions for the new year and want to reconsider my Zero Waste journey after big life changes and, you know, a pandemic.

I'm also working on my 24 for 2024 list and went on YouTube for a little inspiration.

I hope you'll like this new way of sharing my inspirations and would love for you to share yours with me in the comments below!

1. Shelbizleee

50 Things I'm Not Buying in 2024 (to live more sustainably)

2. Unproductive Bestie

Thrifting Will Not Save Us | Our Problem with Overconsumption

3. Grace Nevitt

my official no buy plan for 2024

4. allison from earth

unhinged zero waste habits to STOP in 2024!

5. The Simple Environmentalist

The BEST zero waste swaps you should try in 2024

6. Malama Life

This 30 day declutter will transform your life (just 10 minutes a day!)

7. Matt D'Avella

9 ways we keep our home organized

8. Anika Green

17 things I quit to simplify my life | minimalism & slow living

9. Gretchen Rubin

Join us for #Write24in24

10. JashiiCorrin

24 24's in 2024 💜

You can also check out this playlist to follow my Zero Waste journey in 8 videos!

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