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My March Styling Challenge - Week 1

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

One gloomy day in February, I suddenly decided to participate in a monthlong styling challenge organized by Abbey Cerek. I haven't posted style content in a while online and was going through a wardrobe crisis.

I've spent most of the winter bundled up, wearing my trusted wool underlayers with my coziest quilted pants.

I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at tyling videos on Instagram and saving looks on Pinterest, convincing myself my closet is lacking key pieces. But I know that's not true and that: 1. I have more clothes than I need, and 2. I probably have enough fabric in my stash to sew a whole new wardrobe.

So here I am, one week into this March challenge, taking daily pictures in front of my kitchen window.

Day 1 - Winterize a summer dress

Picnic Yellow Gingham Dress with Fluffy Sweater and Cowboy Hatby Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Funnily enough, I had just put this dress in storage under my bed last week because my winter closet was packed and I needed to free a few hangers.

It snowed again here last night, so we’re definitely still in winter mode. And I’m sick as a dog... but this is a good challenge for someone who’s stuck inside and needs to take it slow ⛄️

The last pic is how this dress I made from a thrifted tablecloth looks like in all of its summer glory 🌻

I took inspiration from Allison and Kristen - who are pros at winterizing summer dresses- and tried to channel my inner Jen who’s so good at posing and knows how to wear a cowgirl hat.

Day 2 - Outfit based on a song

Red Sweater Rudy Jude inspired Utility Jeans Black Velvet Bow by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

I initially chose “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake as my song for today, but quickly realized that my attempt to hem a pleated skirt last week was not a success...

Then, scrolling on Spotify this morning, I stumbled upon this cozy song “Red Sweater” by Caroline Bowling.

This cozy sweater is one of two knits I purchased this winter and I love it! For a long time, I thought that red wasn’t my color (as I tend to blush a little too easily), but I’m glad I stopped listening to the voices in my head and tried a new hue. Also, I took page from stylists such as Allison and Casey and layered my sweater with a white tee.

These jeans are my attempt at making a pair of Rudy Jude-inspired utility jeans from 2 thrifted pairs of $5 jeans.

Day 3 - Winter white

White Winter Oufit Quilted Jacket Blundstone by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

I used to wear a lot of white in the winter. Someone even remarked on it when I moved to town a couple of winters ago.

I like wearing white in the winter time. I like to blend in with my environment.

And I don’t mind the stains, though I should be better at dealing with them...

Day 4 - Print Mixing

An Arin St8ment Blanket Coat Pattern Mixed Pattern Clash Gingham Pants Striped Tee by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Going all in with this pair of Persephone pants I made from gingham I found at the thrift store, this old stripped tee, and this #st8mentcoat by @an_erin I made with my mom from a vintage blanket we found in our family house

Drawing inspiration from the best: [Nic & Liv](Nic & Liv), Izzy, and many more I shared in my Insta Stories!

Day 5 - Let someone pick ur fit

Everlane Utility Jumpsuit Pauline Alice Ayora Jacket by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

This was a hard one for me, as I do not want to be told what to wear!

Nonetheless, I played the game and asked Octave to choose my outfit this morning. He’s not a morning person, so I simply decided to wear everything he touched in my closet...

He chose the sneakers, I made him choose between two beanies. I added the turtleneck and the socks to winterize this outfit, and voilà!

How did he do?

Also, check out my stories to see what made me look through the window 🥰

Day 6 - Food / drink inspo

Arc Style Bob Woven Pant Linen Lime Yellow Sweater by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Does this make me look like a mojito? I hope so!

Styling my latest pair of Bob Pants with a bright and cozy loooooong sleeve sweater for this food/drink inspired outfit.

Check this fun Pinterest board for more food-inspired fashion!

Day 7 - Recreate a Pinterest fit

We Are Knitters La Casita de Wendy Rice Jumper Horseshoe Jeans by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Here’s my attempt to recreate a fit by my ultimate style inspiration Chloe Hayward with the Rice Jumper I knitted a few winters ago.

Check out this side-by-side, how did I do?

Red Sweater Rudy Jude inspired Utility Jeans Black Velvet Bow by Conscious by Chloé

My thoughts after Week 1

  • So far, I'm really liking this challenge! I wake up every morning, choose an outfit, steam it, put on a little make up, and stand awkwardky in front of my kitchen window. I like the ritual, the rush to complete all these tasks before starting my day.

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

  • I'm surprised at how colorful my closet actually is! Look at all these fluffy sweaters! I never saw myself as a color girly, but looking at these pics, there's no denying it. I invest in one or 2 sweaters every winter, and I'm really liking the effect it has on my mood and comfort!

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

Here's the calendar for the rest of the month, wanna join in?


Thank you Abbey for a fun March styling challenge. Follow #wawmarchchallenge for more winter wardrobe inspo!

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