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My March Styling Challenge - Week 2

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

Wow, have I been taking daily pictures of my outfits for the past 14 days?!!

Here's week 2 of the monthlong styling challenge organized on Instagram by Abbey Cerek.

Day 8 - Maximalist

Oversized Men's Shirt Anna Allen Pomona Linen Pants Sherpa Vest by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

I’m not sure what maximalist means in terms of fashion. I went for oversized (thrifted men’s shirt, DIY wide-leg linen pants) and a few accessories (necklaces, earrings, rings).

Not my fave look if you ask me, I’ve been feeling super tired and only got to take pics after lunch.

Day 9 - Opacity play

Anna Tivel Band Tee 90s Flower Skirt Everlane Cotton Cardigan by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

There are no transparent or translucent items in my wardrobe, what does that say about me?

I chose the closest thing I have to a peek-a-boo skirt, a buttoned number I found a few years ago at the thrift store.

I paired it with a cozy cardigan and a band tee from my friend Anna Tivel.

Anna actually just released a new single and music video. Give it a listen 🔊

I can’t wait for the merch of the new album, out May 31st!!!

Day 10 - Pajama сhіс

COS Camel Coat Michael Kors Quilted Purse Sam Edelman Laguna Chelsea Boots by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Let’s be honest. It’s Sunday, it’s gloomy, and I don’t want to dress up to go to the bakery. I just throw on a coat on top of my sweat set, grab my bag, slip on a pair of boots, and Bob’s your uncle!

I shared real pajama chic inspo in my Stories later that day, in case someone wanted to buy me a set of silk pajamas...

Day 11 - Utilitarian vibes

Utilitarian Kookai Jumpsuit Kiriko Bandana Portland Oregon by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Considering today’s theme, I couldn’t not wear another jumpsuit, paired with hardworking Blundstones, and my favorite Kiriko neckerchief.

I’ve had this jumpsuit for close to… 20 years! I used to wear it to work, and ultimately decided it would be my tinkering uniform.

I wore it to update my studio Radius 🎨, to paint the Woodlawn Farmers Market mural 🖌️ , and to do a whole bunch of work in all the houses we’ve lived in since we moved to the States 🔨 .

I’m glad I chose to wear it today, because I noticed it needs a little mending 🧵 at the top of the zipper (I now remember that from was from our last move).

Day 12 - Ganni core

Ganni Style Vest Wrong Shoe Theory by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

  • Vest
  • Dress (DIY from thrifted sheets), similar
  • Jeans (vintage Levis)
  • Sneakers
  • Tote (DIY by my mom and her mom)

Today’s challenge required a lot of research on my part as I’m not one of the #gannigirls yet.

My takeaway? Layers, cuffs, accessories, and a mandatory vest.

(I’m also considering sewing the iconic tie-top for this summer.)
How did I do?

Day 13 - Tonal dressing

Blue Sweater Men's Striped Shirt Beanie by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

I love a monochromatic look. I used to tend towards earth tones, but for some reason, blue has taken over my closet, and I’m not mad about it.

Another thrifted striped men’s shirt and Pomona pants combo, with the addition of yet another cozy sweater and fluffy beanie, paired with my trusted wool clogs and socks!

Sorry, not sorry for today’s soundtrack 💙💙💙

Day 14 - Dress like an art teacher

70s Crochet Cardigan Sandgrens Clog Boots by Conscious by Chloé
Outfit Details:

Today’s look features a cardigan my mom made from a crochet blanket that she and her mom made back in the 70s 🥹

Art passed down from generations. That’s something to learn (or teach) about.

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

My thoughts after Week 2

  • I have to admit I'm getting a little burnt out and wonder whether I'm gonna keep going.

  • But I do like to explore my closet and dress up in the morning!

  • We also have friends visiting for the next few days and I'm not sure I'll have the time to / feel comfortable shooting outfits in my living room / their bedroom.

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

  • I'm gonna have a look at the rest of the calendar again and see what I can come up with. Pastel colors, rock stars, toddler, party, leopard... I'm not so sure about that!

  • I also don't really feel like a genuine community is being built around this challenge, but maybe it's just me...

Woman Holding a Pile of Colorful Sweaters by Conscious by Chloé

Here is the calendar for the rest of the month, wanna join in?


Thank you Abbey for a fun March styling challenge. Follow #wawmarchchallenge for more winter wardrobe inspo!

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