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Want to Give The Artist's Way a Try? Join Me!

I'm about to embark on my second round of The Artist's Way, a 12-week creative journey that mainly consists of journaling every morning and taking yourself on an artist date each week.

I gave it a go last year and it helped me learn so much about myself that I decided to do it again this summer.

Last time, I joined an online group of like-minded people and loved the accountability it provided. This round, I suggested friends near and far start the journey with me on June 1 so we can share experiences and keep each other motivated.

It is still time for you to join in metaphorically (I will not organize online or in-person meet-ups) and embark on this transformative journey. All you need to do to be ready on Saturday 1 June is to:

  • get the book!
  • read the “Questions & Answers” (the few pages after the epilogue), and... the intro.
  • get a notebook (for your morning pages, I personally love decomposition books)
  • corral your favorite pens (plural, because you’re gonna write A LOT)
  • read Chapter 1 so you’re ready to roll on day 1 (Saturday 1 June)

Are you planning on joining in? Please mention it in the comments below and connect with fellow readers!

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