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Zero Waste Store - Mama and Hapa's (Portland, OR)

My first visit to Mama & Hapa's was in June of 2021. I got to meet one of the owners and get a personal tour but did not have a proper camera. So I simply posted my Zero Waste Field Trip on our Zero Waste PDX Facebook Page (and private group) and people's minds were blown!

Last month, during one of the many trips I've taken to Portland lately, I finally decided to snap a few pics and see all the convenient systems Mama & Hapa's have put into place, not to mention the new products!

How it works

Liquid Products in bulk

Many of their liquid products are purchased in 55-gallon drums. These drums are then returned to the manufacturer to be refilled, making the whole process closed-loop.

Some items that sell slower than 55 gallons are bought in 5-gallon pails which Mama & Hapa's reuse for various purposes in their business for transporting liquids between stores.

You can read more about Mama & Hapa's philosophy in their FAQ.

It's that simple! Mama & Hapa's uses super convenient RFID technology to make shopping in bulk very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Grab a Card

Sanitized RFID cards are available when you enter.

  • Bring or grab a container

No Container?  No Problem! There are free, clean, reused jars waiting for you to use! Mama & Hapa's dispenses liquids by volume, not weight. Bring in any kind of container and fill it up! There's no need to tare.

  • Browse

Mama & Hapa's has over 30 different dispensers from All Purpose Cleaner to Shampoo. And the inventory keeps growing and getting better!

  • Dispense

Hold your container under the spout and wave your card below the LCD screen. Their dispensers know how much you dispensed thanks to near-field communication — making checkout a breeze. Check out this video!

Stickers are made available so you can label your containers. How convenient!

  • And checkout!

Present your RFID and credit card to the cashier and walk out!

Non-liquid products in bulk

These are sold by weight rather than by volume. You can bring your own container, buy one, or grab one from the free shelf.

Tare, fill, and tap!

Zero Waste Essentials

Mama & Hapa's also sells a wide range of Zero Waste essentials such as utensils, bags, solid soap, shampoo, toothpaste and so much more!

Where to find them

Mama & Hapa's now has 4 locations! And they have a delivery service!

What's next?

I'm hoping to tour more of the local Zero Waste Stores in town.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out my Complete Zero Waste PDX Guide (with a convenient map included) for more eco-friendly business recommendations in Portland, Oregon!

Now, where should I go next?