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Self Care - Know Yourself Better


Happy 2020!

This year I've decided to not put pressure on my shoulders for the new year.

I'm again in a limbo, sharing my time between France and the US and not really knowing where I'll be able to settle down this year.

So I'm not making big plans and I'm just taking things one week at a time.

I haven't really thought about my one-word theme for the year or made a list of 20 things I want to achieve in 2020, though now that I wrote about it, ideas are flowing in my head...

I haven't taken any resolutions, yet I've already committed to a 30-day challenge.

Right before I left the States, I started reading a little more about manifestation and human design.

I signed up for the To Be Magnetic course, and my friend Rachel gave me a book that I spent a good chunk of my stay in Paris and the train ride to my parents' reading while also working on my chart.

Whether you believe in manifesting and astrology or not, I think those are amazing tools to learn about yourself, either by reflecting on their teachings or by questioning them and putting them in perspective against your own experience.

In Karen Curry's book Understanding Human Design, I learned a little more about my Generator profile and gleaned affirmations that could just as well be new year's resolutions, such as:

I trust in the infinite abundance of the universe, and I wait for what is right for me to show up.
I am perfectly designed to do the work that is right for me.
I have to use my energy every day.
I have nothing to prove and I value myself deeply.
I pay attention to the source of my emotions and allow others to experience their feelings without making their experience my own.
I take frequent breaks when the emotional energy is too intense.
I listen to my body.
I rest and take care of myself.
I honor my sense of time.

and lastly:

I trust that I know enough to help me bend and flow with the changes in my life.

All of these affirmations are characteristic of my own chart and really resonated with me. I wrote many more in my notebook and frequently go back to them when I feel unsettled. Having tools to help me manage certain situations and knowing that "it's not just me" really opened new perspectives to me and allow me to design a life that really fits me rather than trying to fit into a mold or do things "the way it's always been done".

I'm excited to read further, do the work, ask questions, meditate, journal and manifest a lot more this year!

If you're curious to learn more about Human Design, I highly encourage you to start by generating your chart for free on Jovian Archive or on Genetic Matrix (I used both).