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21 for 2021

21 for 2021 Year Goal List for my Happiness Project by Conscious by Chloé

For some reason I never published my 20 in 2020 list so, even though I'm not even sure I have 21 items I want to accomplish this year, I'm gonna start writing it and commit to publish it before the end of January.

1. Read 21 books

My local library basically saved my life during the pandemic. It was for a very long time my only contact with real people when I moved to my new hometown in June. I've read more in 2020 (see my 2020 reading list) than any other year of my life and I'm planning on keeping that same pace in 2021. Like I mentioned in this article, I'm gonna keep focusing on POC and female authors.

2. Find a way to treat my parents from afar

I'm the worst and haven't planned anything for my mom's 60th birthday last year. I haven't planned ahead to make sure my parents would get gifts from me for Christmas and I'm generally not a great gift giver (why are my parents so hard to find presents for). I usually treat them to experiences but you know, COVID... I haven't seen my parents in almost a year and have no clue about the next time I'll get to see them (the borders are still shut for non US citizens/green card holders) so if you have any idea for great gifts to mail to France (or shop there) or general amazing gifts for parents, milestone birthdays and retirement celebrations, please send them my way!

3. Write 12 letters

I've been meaning to reconnect with a friend once a month and started a project I'll talk to you about soon, and I like the idea of taking the time to make a card, write it, get a stamp and mail it. Who's tired of text groups, Zoom calls, Facetimes and voice texts? I know I am!

4. Go on a multiple day hike

I need an accountability partner for this one otherwise this will never get accomplished. Who's willing to share my bubble?

5. Host a party in our backyard

We love our neighbors and haven't had the opportunity to connect once winter came so I'm excited, as the weather gets warmer, to host a socially-distant pizza party (Octave got the cutest portable wood fire pizza oven) in our backyard for a couple of us.

6. Sell stuff

A yard sale has been on my list for a couple years-moves-seasons and, considering the current situation and my lack to commit to a date, I should simple take a afternoon to shoot and list things I want to sell via Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. I've already put a dent in my wardrobe and sold most of what I wanted to on my Poshmark profile, but now I'm ready to clear out the garage.

7. Pay off my credit cards

Last year has been challenging. I'm ready for a clean slate and want to make sure I get to be able to pay off my credit cards and then maintain a full-balance payment each month.

8. Watch 12 documentaries and classic movies

I'm guilty of watching too many TV shows and want to educate myself a little on important subjects. Did you know that your library card gives you access to movie streaming platforms for free? At least mine does, check yours out!

9. Donate blood

I am not eligible to donate blood in the US so I want to make sure I do this if I ever get to go back to France this year.

10. Re-launch the Zero Waste Switch Challenge

I want to make it possible for you to join the Zero Waste Switch Challenge any time you like. You can already sign up here to receive the first challenge as soon as it's up and running.

11. Travel to Hawaii

A girl can dream. Only once it's safe to travel, fly. I have never lived this close to Hawaii. This trip has been on my wishlist for a couple years and I really feel like if I do not do it soon I never will.

12. Go on a yoga retreat

I've been loving Yoga with Adriene's 30-day challenges and would love to deepen my practice during a retreat. The idea of leaving my house for a couple days on a trip alone also sounds very appealing. Again, pending the pandemic becomes a thing of the past.

13. Plan and plant a garden

My dear friend Sarah got me a plot at the community garden last June and I'm signing up again for this year. This time I'll have more time to plan and plant the garden and I'm already doing some research. Anyone else planting a garden in the high desert? I would love to have a look at your seeding calendar!

14. Host a canning party

This might be a party of one but I really want to dedicate a couple days to canning during the bountiful season so I can reap the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor in the dead of winter.

15. Make jam

I see a theme here. Yes, gardening, preserving, cooking are all very important to me this year (remember my word of the year?)

16. Build a fire

It's as simple as it sounds, I just want to learn how to properly and safely light a fire, even though I do not like to burn fires when camping, I still think it's an important survival skill to have in my toolbox.

17. Weave a basket

I watched a couple awesome videos of women weaving baskets from pine needles. It's gonna be a lot of work but I haven't committed on the size of the basket yet ;)

18. Knit a sweater

I'm pretty sure this one is gonna be a fail, but I'm still gonna put it on the list. My maternal grandma taught me how to knit when I was a kid and I have found memories of these times. Also, there's a gang of older ladies who I saw gather at a local coffee shop on Wednesday afternoons and I'm dying for them to take me in.

19. Take a first-aid or an avalanche course

I'm putting these 2 items in one because I'm willing to commit to one or the other. I've taken both courses in the past but would love a refresher as Octave and I are spending more and more time in the wild.

20. Make my own chai mix

I had to put a recipe on the list. I have so many more I want to try, but this one sounds easy enough to kickstart the year.

21. Make soap

I've seen someone make soap from ash and I'm fascinated!

Wow, I did not expect to write this list so fast. I'm sure I'm going to go back to the planner that's sitting on my desk and I'm too lazy to get up and reach (I'm typing from my bed) and realize that there is so much more I want to accomplish this year.

Also, some of these are repeats from my 19 for 2019 list) which shows that I will definitely not accomplish all of this in 2021.

That's OK though, 21 is just a number. I'll be happy if I complete half of that list, which I need to print and display somewhere, otherwise I'm gonna forget about it. Hold on, my favorite podcaster made a template for it.

21 for 2021 Year Goal List for my Happiness Project by Conscious by Chloé

What's on your list?