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A Look Back on My 23 for 2023 List

23 for 2023 Resolutions List inspired by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project and the Happier Podcast with Liz Craft

We're already in December and it's time for me to reflect on my intentions for 2023. Here's my original 23 for 2023 post and my mid-year review. Now let's see what I've ultimately crossed off my list!

1. Read 23 books

What a fun year of reading it's been! See for yourself by consulting my 2023 reading list.

2. Do the crow pose

Does it count if I managed to do it a couple of times and hold it for a few seconds?

3. Get an MRI and follow up

I've already mentioned this in my mid-year review. All is well on that front! I haven't felt that good in years! I'm so thankful for having the privilege to take care of my health!

4. Go to the East Coast

I'm currently planning an East Coast trip for the spring of 2024. A bi-coastal reunion and a transatlantic one, plus a milestone birthday!

5. Try kite surfing

Nope, and I'm not even sure I'll postpone it... Who did I think I was?!

6. Spend a night in a fire lookout cabin

It happened and I'm so, so happy, I realized I never posted pictures, so here's one.

7. Design and sell digital products

I'm not there yet, maybe I'll start that kind of business one day. For now I'm just focusing on having fun (and learning how to draw).

8. Get a new tattoo

Done! Thank you Mac!

9. Relax in a hot spring

I thought I'd go back to Summer Lake, but ended up going to Umpqua with my parents on a whim. Such good memories!

10. Relaunch the Zero Waste Challenge

This one has been carried over a few times and I think I need to admit that it will not happen. It's OK.

11. Celebrate the full moon

I haven't done anything major, besides going outside and hugging Octave under every single full moon. I love this ritual!

12. Try paddle boarding

I missed it, but I know I'll do it next summer!

13. Give blood

The restrictions have finally changed for French people in the US and I've been able to donate twice this year! It seems I've also inspired friends to do the same and them sending me their donating pictures made my day. Please send me more!

14. Swim for the solstices

One done (the easiest one), one to go! Who wants to join me?

15. Make kefir water

I did it, and I'm happy about it. Now I think I'll dehydrate the grains until next summer because I need a little break from brewing.

16. Learn a new language, get a certification

Like I said in my mid-year review, I pivoted to learning new skills. Right now, I'm diving into being better at using inclusive language, especially in French, a very binary and gendered one.

17. Quilt something

Done, and I'm so happy with the result!

18. Send cards or letters

I did send postcards this year, but I'm also working on a new project in correlation with the next item.

19. Learn block printing

After my failed tea towel experiment (see my mid-year review) I've decided to make postcards, I'm currently working on the design and hope to mail a few before the end of the year!

20. Buy nothing

I love to do this at the beginning of each year, I'm gonna keep that in mind for my 24 for 2024.

21. Make suncatchers

Sort of a failure, but we tried and made a few with a friend! I'm also realizing I'm not super into seasonal decor. I hate storing stuff...

22. Start a breathwork practice

I completed a 30-day free challenge in January and loved it!

23. Bonus goal

Something major happened this year: I finally completed the 12-weeks of The Artist's Way! I'm so proud and happy to have done it! It had been a project of mine for years! And I'm so glad that a group of local friends have decided to tag along and set up an ongoing check-in session.

23 for 2023 Resolutions List inspired by Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project and the Happier Podcast with Liz Craft

Wow, I've loved reflecting on the past year. Completed: 16, In progress: 3, Scheduled: 1, Postponed: 1, Abandoned: 2. That sounds about right.

I'm about to start this free workbook to reflect a little more on 2023 and start dreaming about 2024, and deciding on my word for the year!

How did things go for you?

Did you already tackle a big project or accomplish a smaller, but necessary task? I'd love to know

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