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My 24 for 2024 List

24 for 2024 List Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin New Year's Resolutions 2024 by Conscious by Chloé

Happy New Year!

I hope your year is starting as peacefully as I hoped mine would: with good food, in good company, and in nature.

2024 is shaping up to be a major year for me. Things have already started to shift and more news will emerge soon.

And then there's numerical symbolism, I'm a 4/20 baby, so I have high expectations for this year.

I've spend the past couple of weeks writing down ideas for this list and had a hard time, then something clicked and it all came pouring out of me!

1. Read 24 books

No suprise here, this will probably be the first item of my list for the rest of my life. Here's my 2024 reading list (please send recommendations!).

2. Celebrate the seasons

I'm going to follow the Wheel of the Year to celebrate solstices and equinoxes. Last year I decided to swim for the solstices, this year I want to find more ways to mark the passing of time, with a little help from my moon app and a list of seasonal activities.

3. Snowboard at Bachelor

I grew up skiing and snowboarding and really want to take advantage of the fact that I live so close to the mountains. I tend to prefer to go backcountry splitboarding but want to check out this local resort at least once in my life.

4. Spend 24 days without technology

Last year, I found Week 4 of my Artist's Way super challenging and it made me think about my relationship to technology so I want to dig a little deeper and challenge myself to spend 2 days/1 weekend a month without my phone or computer.

5. Run 10K

I've started running in 2023 after my body allowed me to do it again. I've taken it slow so as not to hurt myself. And now I want to gain momentum and try to challenge myself a little more.

6. Grow flowers

After a community garden hiatus, I want to get back into gardening and grow flowers for my senses. Who else is obsessed with Floret?

7. Write a poem

After failing to write a song 2 years ago, I'm gonna go with a poem. Listening to The Slowdown might be of great help... Please send me your favorite poems!

8. Organize our garage

Boooring, but I need to put systems into place so we don't have to reorganize the garage every season. We probably need to build more shelving and study our needs and workflow.

9. Learn ASL

I saw someone post on Nextdoor about an ASL class starting in January and immediately signed up. I have to know how to finger spell by then so I'm already practicing!

10. Book a retreat at Breitenbush

I've been meaning to go for years and cannot believe it almost burnt to the ground! I really want to soak in these magic waters soon!

11. Make more pairs of shoes

I've already made a pair of sandals and a pair of slides. My next idea is a pair of punch needle espadrilles! Rachel, you created a monster!

12. Buy a car

I've postponed this one for so many years, but I really want to explore my surroundings and go on solo adventures.

13. Imagine a new business

I will hopefully get a work permit in the coming weeks and a green card in the coming months, so I want to start thinking about future endeavors. This previous reading list of mine might help me find my calling.

14. Take more pictures, print a few

Even though I have a really good camera, I don't pick it up often, I want to dedicate time to exploring what's around me and capturing it through my lens. I also never print pictures, I'm still debating between printing a photo album or framing a few favorite shots.

15. Create a portfolio

I want to make an inventory of the work I've created. I've recently bought a stamp and signed my sewing creations. It's been fun to dive back into these projects and try to remember what year I created them!

16. Apply for artist residencies

After doing The Artist's Way last year, I've started thinking about part of my work as art and want to dedicate some time to a specific project.

17. Publish a zine

I want to stop overthinking and just get this thing out in the world. The stakes are low, why haven't I done it yet? Also, I'm obsessed with Outlet PDX, should I take a zine making class?

18. Celebrate milestone events

Two major things are happening this year and I want to make sure I mark the occasion. I'm not one to organize parties, so this could be a hard one, but here's to hoping.

19. Go to Mexico with girlfriends

I've been living in a bordering country for almost ten years (including in a bordering State for a year) and I cannot believe I have yet to visit Mexico. Oaxaca is calling me!

20. Translate a feminist book

I want to put my skills to good use. I'm a seasoned translator and want my work to be more meaningful. I might ask an expert for her insight (her books/podcast are a must!)

21. Travel somewhere new with Octave

We have our usual destinations, and of course, fly back to France to visit our families, but I want a long weekend getaway somewhere new: Nashville, Austin? Where should we go?

22. Save and plan for future house projects

See item 13. For now I just spend a lot of time on Pinterest and Zillow.

23. Weave a basket

I found this one on an old list and thought it would be a fun one to try again. I would definitely need to take a workshop, and I might know a place...

24. Go on a multiple day hike

I want this to be happen every year. My friend Jules is the best guide and I cannot wait for our next adventure!

24 for 2024 List Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin New Year's Resolutions 2024 by Conscious by Chloé

Wow, I had a hard time making this list and now there's so much more I want to add to it! Some of the items I want to add are actually on this picture...

I'm so excited to start filling out my new planner, I love the lavender colors I got his year and I'm so glad I found it at a favorite local shop!

24 for 2024 List Happiness Project Gretchen Rubin New Year's Resolutions 2024 by Conscious by Chloé

I wish you all a healthy, happy and peaceful new year and hope to hear about your hopes, dreams, and 24 for 24 list in the comments below!

What's on your list for 2024?

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