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Habit Shift - Pack a Zero Waste Snack

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

I do not keep a written list of things I want to buy, but I do have a mental list of things I would allow into my life if I stumbled upon them.

I was not on an active search for a tiffin, but I did want to replace the one that was stolen from my car a couple months ago.

And, lo and behold, after a work date in South-East Portland last November, I popped into my favorite vintage store to check out whether my friend Carley was working there and see what was new in stock.

I grabbed 2 cozy sweaters to try on, and then went into the back room where the best treasures are kept. And there, sitting on a side table, was this vintage tiffin.

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

It's so beautiful I could cry.

It's not the most convenient, it's not leak proof, it's not packable, but it's... not the point.

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

I have a precise idea of how I want to use it. To pack zero waste snacks when I'm invited to a potluck or a party.

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

How cool would it be to show up with it and then display each container with delicious snacks I'll have made or purchased from the bulk aisle of my supermarket?

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

I also picture putting little sealable stainless steel containers in the middle and fill them with hummus or a nut dip.

This is way too exciting.

Best $10 I've spent that month!

How to Pack a Zero Waste Snack in a Tiffin by Conscious by Chloé

What's the latest thing you've thrifted?

Podcast - A Conversation with Jillian Engel and Alison McClaran of We Tried Wellness

We Tried Wellness Podcast by Schmidts Naturals featuring Chloé Lepeltier of Conscious by Chloé

We Tried Wellness is an original podcast from Portland natural deodorant brand Schmidt’s editorial platform The Natural, which takes on the latest and greatest trends in wellness and discusses their merits.

The podcast is all about investigating practical tips and hacks the team come across on social media and in our communities, and seeing how they fit into our lifestyle.

In each episode, podcasters Jillian Engel and Alison McClaran try a wellness trend and talk to influencers and experts in the field.

I've been an avid listener of the podcast since its launch back in March 2018, binging on episodes featuring my favorite wellness experts such as movement and meditation coach Kait Hurley & vegan chef Tara Thomas and simply decided that I would reach out to the We Tried Wellness team to see whether they would be interested in chatting with me about wellness and sustainability, and they were!

In this episode, we chatted about the app that started it all for me, Europe vs the US, my number one wellness tip and the trash audit I challenged the girls to take during the week leading up to the podcast recording.

Here's a link to the We Tried Wellness podcast and article. I hope you'll enjoy them!

What's a wellness secret you swear by? It could be anything, from taking a hot bath to treating yourself to getting 8 hours of sleep for at least one night!

Habit Shift - Propagating Plants

Propagating Plants on Window Sill

For the past couple weeks, I've been growing plant cuttings on my office window sill.

This idea came to me after a friend of mine mentioned that she wanted new plants for her house but that she did not have the budget to invest in big plants and new pots.

My own plants were thriving and it was time for some of them to get a new haircut so I decided to start a little side hustle in my office: growing my own plants from cuttings.

Propagating Plants on Window Sill

My method is simple and straight-forward:

I cut just below a bud with a pair of clean scissors, remove the bottom leaves and stick the cuttings in a tiny glass bottle so I can see the root system develop.

Once it seems strong enough, I transfer the plant baby to a little ceramic pot filled with soil - I have a whole collection of those that I "stole" from the "messed-up projects shelf" of the ceramics studio I used to be a part of.

Propagating Plants on Window Sill

Seeing plants grow roots is a soothing experience and greenery is always a nice addition to an office.

I love a slow project, I love to see nature unfold, and I also love giving "homemade" gifts.

I'm so excited to have a constant supply of plant babies to give to friends.

Now I cannot wait to grow a couple more and attend a plant swap so I can add new varieties into my own home jungle.

Or maybe some of you would be willing to trade? Shall we do this?

Do you propagate plants? What's the easiest one to start with? Which one's more tricky? Any tips?

Habit Shift - Buy Nothing New

Image: Boheme

This year, I have unofficially decided to buy no new clothes.

I am not sure I will be able to pull it off, but I want to make sure I set myself up for success.

I've been doing a lot of research and thought I'd share the results with you, should you want to come with me on this vintage and second hand journey.

Image: Ochre

Online Vintage Stores

I'm not the best at vintage shopping or online shopping. So when I find a great resource, I bookmark it and cherish it. I chose the following stores for their aesthetics, their styling, the quality of their selection and their customer service.

Image: Desert Vintage


Instagram is great place to gather inspiration but also gives an amazing opportunity to shop and sell pieces from your favorite brands at a lower price via the following Instagram accounts!


Instagramers' Closet Sales

Instagram is also an amazing resource for buying and selling clothes! I am actually working on downsizing my wardrobe, so you'll soon be able to shop my closet at Too Many Good Things!

Where do you like to shop online for vintage gems?

Self Care - 19 for 2019

Portrait by Bottega Stories for Conscious by Chloé

Happy New Year!

I hope 2019 will bring you everything you wished for and so much more!

Hosts of the Happier Podcast Gretchen Rubin and her sister Elizabeth Craft decided last year to identify their "18 for 2018", inspired by a listener who had created her own happiness project by doing 35 things she wanted to do in her 35th year.

I got such a kick following along their journey and accomplishments that I decided to create my own list.

1. Keep a food diary

I want to have a closer look at what I eat, where it comes from, who grew it, who made it, what its impact is on my health and the environment. I'm planning on keeping myself accountable by writing down everything I eat in a journal. This will also help reach goals 7, 13 and 14.

2. Keep an expense journal

I want to track all the little expenses that accumulate and figure out where my money goes as, like food, I tend to minimize negative habits. I'm guessing I take too many trips to coffee shops and shop too much (ethical, local) fashion. This will also help reach goals 8, 9 and 11.

3. Set up a bed time

I had already set an alarm on my Fitbit but stopped wearing it and getting the signal, so I have to wear it again (see goal 6) or find another system.

4. Publish the Portland Zero Waste Guide

I've been meaning to do that for the past 2 years and decided that this year will be the year the Ultimate Zero Waste Guide to PDX will be available in print. I will hopefully have it ready for spring 2019!

5. Grow flowers

We've focused on our veggie garden for the past couple years but I want to plant flowers, edible ones, pollinators. I want color, I want bees, I want hummingbirds!

6. Walk 8'000 steps a day

I did a great job at the beginning of 2018 but struggled to keep the momentum going because of many trips/interruptions. It really boosted my mood and helped me fall asleep so I really want to do this again.

7. Reach my weight goal and maintain it

I only have 2-4 kg to lose. And by have to, I mean want to. I already feel lighter and stronger but want to reach that mental and physical milestone. Goals 1, 6 and 16 will help and this goal will also help me reach goal 10.

8. Go for a retreat in Hawaii

I have never lived this close to Hawaii. This trip has been on my wishlist for a couple years and I really feel like if I do not do it this year I never will.

9. Visit my friends in New York

This seems doable, since I fly to Europe once a year but for some reason I never managed/had the patience to book a flight with a stop in NYC. If you have trip planner recommendations, please send them my way!

10. Hike a portion of the PCT

I mean, I love Oregon and love hiking...

11. Pay off my credit cards

I've accumulated some debt over the past year. Nothing crazy, but I do not feel comfortable with it and do not want it to become an issue in the future.

12. Buy nothing new for a set period of time

I want to take on a couple challenges and study their impact on myself and my environment. This one makes sense as the "strategy of inconvenience" might even prevent me from buying things I may not really need.

13. Go vegan for a set period of time

I eat a plant-based diet, I am a flexitarian. I also want to learn more about other diets and understand other points of view better.

14. Eat local for a set period of time

I realized during The Local Thirty that I had so much more to learn about where my food comes from, who grows it, how long it travels. So I am slowly going to identify locally grown staples and prepare myself for this challenge.

15. Go to the dentist's

I usually go when I visit my parents in France but she had no availabilities last summer, so this visit is long overdue!

16. Exercise/Meditate every other day

I have already paid my gym membership for the next year and have access to a plethora of free yoga and meditation classes online. No excuses!

17. Host a yard sale

I have done many decluttering sessions and need to sell and get rid of a lot of stuff. Outer order, inner calm, and extra $$.

18. Host a party in our backyard

This is just fun. I love our friends. I love summer. I love our little garden. Let's party!

19. Sign a post nup

We eloped in Vegas a couple months before moving to the States and did not take the time to figure things out with our assets and businesses. The law is different in France and the US. I want us both to figure things out. This year will be the year. For more couple stuff, check out my conscious cohabitation guide.

What's on your list? Use #19for2019 and tag me @consciousbychloe.