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Have a blissful week-end #14

Oregon forest hike by Conscious by Chloé

What are you up to this week-end?

On Sunday, we're finally hosting our garage sale. I gathered supplies this week to be ready, we tagged our items for sale and posted a couple signs in our neighborhood.

If you have any yard sale tips for us. Shoot me a comment (a friend mentioned she partnered with the kids on her street who ran a lemonade stand during the sale, a great way to attract customers!).

For those of you who'd like to join the party, check out my Instagram stories for more details tomorrow. For now, just know that it will be on Sunday from 11am to 2pm.

I hope you'll have a great one and in the meantime, here are a few links from around the web:

Photograph by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.

Finding Inspiration

Love Style Life by Garance Doré by Conscious by Chloé

Freelance life has got its pros and cons. Getting free time can both be a blessing and a curse, especially when you feel uninspired.

I often suffer from decision fatigue. Some many options are offered to me that I feel paralyzed and end up on the couch binge-watching Netflix' latest hit show.

I've been working hard in the past few weeks in preparation for winter, a slower season for my line of business, which can get pretty hard on me.

And here are my tricks for fighting discouragement and finding inspiration.

  • Read a book

I just got my copy of Guillaume Wolf's You Are a Circle and read a page a day.

I like to alternate between ebooks and hard copies, whether I buy them or borrow them from the library and from friends.

  • Watch a TED talk, any TED talk

I was very moved by this talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

I also added the TED app to our Apple TV so I do not immediately fall into the Netflix pit. This makes TV watching more productive.

  • Listen to a new podcast #trypod

This week, I'm gonna start listening to How I Built This from NPR.

  • Go for a walk

A short walk to my neighborhood coffee shop is sometimes enough, and sometimes I'll drive a little further and go for a hike.

Pairing listening to an ebook or a podcast while walking to run an errand is also a great hack!

  • Socialize

In order to make my return to Portland less daunting after a summer of exciting adventures, I scheduled weeks in advance coffee dates with friends and fellow creators and even reached out to people I had been inspired by like Andrea, Annika and Alba. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I should do this more often!

  • Learn a new skill

Calligraphy, macramé, natural dyeing, lip balm making, photography, editing, car repairing, the list goes on. My new goal is to improve my public speaking abilities, so, as you know, I'm gonna attend my local Toastmasters meet-ups.

Learning a new skill does not necessary mean attending a class or paying for it. There are many ways to learn something new.

How do you get inspired?

Photograph by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.

To-Do List #2

To-Do List by Conscious by Chloé

I'm so happy to report that, thanks to my accountability partners you, I've been able to cross all the items of my first online to-do list! I've sold my iPad and used the money to replace it with a Kindle, I've been doing a lot of meal prepping and loved the time saved during the week and FINALLY dealt with some overdue paperwork.

So, if you don't mind, I'm gonna give this to-do list think another try and see where it goes.

I hope it will inspire you to set up goals for your week, don't hesitate to share them with me. Let's support each other, shall we?

1. Organize a garage sale

It's scheduled for this week-end (unless I cancel it, once again). I've put all the stuff I want to sell in the garage, washed & ironed clothes I want to part with, checked that the electricals work, etc. I still need to gather supplies, post signs and... price & tag everything. I'll post the details on Insta for the locals who want to come over.

2. Draw

I've been meaning to make and sell Conscious by Chloé products. I've finally made up my mind, now I need to work on the design and production. So first: design. I've been going on a couple inspiration trips and am starting to have a precise idea of what I want. So now, let's put in on paper!

3. Schedule talks and workshops

I've had a couple people and businesses contact me on the subject. And I'm having so much fun meeting you guys. Keep your eyes peeled for fun times ahead! Oh and if you'd like me to come teach a workshop or give a talk at your office, shoot me an email.

4. Cycle

We did some mountain biking this past summer but I haven't really ridden my bike (its name is Jean-Jean) in the city. Autumn is arriving very quickly and so will the rain, so I want to make sure I clock at least one long bike ride in Portland. There's this shop I've been meaning to check out for a while. Maybe I should decide that I can only go there cycling?!

5. Health Insurance/Accounting

We pay way too much money for our health insurance. A fellow French expat mentioned a solution. We need to take the time to study plans and figure out how to make the switch, so I scheduled an admin meeting with Octave at our neighborhood tavern. This will also be an great occasion to look into our finances since our last talk on the subject was one year ago!

6. Schedule some me-time
I've been asking the Zero Waste PDX community for their recommendations on chemical-free nail salons and spas, so now it's time to try them all!

7. Attend a Toastmaster meet-up
See #3. I've been postponing this for a couple weeks but would really want to improve my public speaking skills.

What about you? What are your goals for this week? Share them with me and let's motivate each other!