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Worn #7 / A Last Taste of Summer

A Last Taste of Summer Look by Conscious by Chloé

Last Friday, I woke up early, packed my suitcase (I always do this at the last minute) and headed to the airport.

A couple weeks before, I had decided to meet Octave in LA at the end of his road trip and drive back to PDX with him.

I figured it would be a great way to get a last glimpse of the sun before the rain finally set in in the PNW. And after 2 weeks down with a cold, this was more than welcome!

A Last Taste of Summer Look by Conscious by Chloé

I was planning on spending the afternoon in Venice after landing at LAX around noon. But, for some reason, I gave the Uber driver the wrong address. I did not notice it right away as it was an Uber Pool so we had 2 people to drop off before my final destination. Also, the conversation between these two was fascinating. They did not know each other, but he mentioned Sundance while on the phone and she started a conversation once he hung up, since she worked in the film industry. LA, film industry, parties, I was in another world! Long story short, he was a rabbi and she was a producer.

I ended up at the Standard in West Hollywood, realized that it would take me an hour to go to Venice to meet Octave, so I decided to make the most of it, have lunch at the hotel and ask Octave to pick me up there. One more occasion to study the Hollywood microcosm with a group of people sharing gossip about a celebrity at the hotel restaurant.

A Last Taste of Summer Look by Conscious by Chloé

Then Octave picked me up, we went for a walk in a canyon close by, visited Domaine LA, our favorite wine shop, and waited until after rush hour at a juice bar to head to Long Beach and meet our friends Alyssa and Arnaud at the Aquarium of the Pacific for their Night Dive.

On Saturday, Alyssa and I went shopping in LB where I got the cutest pair of earrings at Anneise. We then met the guys at home and darted to LA to attend the launch of the new Glou Glou Magazine.

A Last Taste of Summer Look by Conscious by Chloé

On Sunday, Octave and I had planned to start our journey North to head back home. But we had one last SoCal stop ta make: Costa Mesa. We wanted to do a little pilgrimage to our old stomping grounds. We had breakfast at OutPost Kitchen, which had opened right before we left 2 years ago, we visited Day Dream, the new local surf shop, and said hi to Jim, our former neighbor, whom we were not sure would be at the shop on a Sunday (he refurbishes old cars). Sure enough, there he was, watering his plants. He gave us some updates about the new tenants of our old unit and about the other neighbors.

After that, we hit the road and stopped for lunch on the side of the road, where we shot today's look.

A Last Taste of Summer Look by Conscious by Chloé

Worn #7 / Romper: OZMA (made in CA), Bag: DIY (coming soon on the blog), Shoes: TOMS (One for One® promise), Sunglasses: similar at Shwood (made in Portland, OR) and Fetch (100% of profits to animal rescue).

Unless provided, the origin of the items showcased in my looks will not be disclosed as I may no longer share the values of the brands from which I purchased them. I highly recommend you to look for an alternative in my shop, look for similar items in second-hand shops or, if you're talented and/or motivated, make your own!

Photographs by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.

Lessons I Learned from Getting my First Cold of the Season

Messy Bed by Luis Felipe for Conscious by Chloé

I've been alone at home for the past 2 weeks. And I usually love having the house all to myself to work on messy projects, have my girlfriends over and, most probably, redecorate the whole house.

But this time, a couple days after Octave left, I got sick.

What started out as the usual symptoms of a migraine turned into a full-blown cold. I'll spare you the details but you know the drill: congested nose, sore throat, cough, headache.

I got sick last winter too, for a little more than 2 weeks, so this time I did my best to take action as soon as possible and prevent that.

And failed miserably.

I had assumed that I got contaminated last winter because I had been hired to work on a project at an agency. Public transportation, a non-dedicated workstation at work (I hate typing on a keyboard that's not mine) and snow days were probably a lot to process for the immune system of a person who had recently moved from Southern California, usually works from home and drives her own car.

Since then, I've become a little germaphobic. I have this thing with pets. Whenever someone who shows any sign of an illness leaves my house I open all the windows, wipe all surfaces they've been in contact with and burn some palo santo. And I wash my hands 100 times a day.

But this hasn't prevented me from catching a cold this year again.

From my research, I learned that there is not much to do to cure a cold besides treating the symptoms and waiting for it to pass.

I felt an urge to stock up on vitamins but the first article I read on the subject debunked that myth and many others.

Instead, here what I should have done:

  • Sleep

  • Rest

  • Stay at home

Other things that couldn't hurt:

  • Take long Epsom salt baths or hot showers

  • Drink warm liquids all day (herbal teas, soups, broths)

I did some of that, but not consistently. I craved human connection, attended events, ate at restaurants and binge-watched TV shows until late at night.

And I worked, because, you know, freelance life.

I felt like staying at home all day was enough and I could reward myself with an outing in the evening.


As I'm writing this I'm feeling much better, although I still wake up in the morning feeling groggy.

Hopefully, by the end of the week, I'll be feeling much better as I'm flying to LA to meet Octave. We're gonna visit friends, say hi to our former neighbors and drive up North back to Portland.

This misadventure is a good reminder to take care of myself. It made me realize that I sometimes take my health for granted. So here's what I'm gonna do and/or continue doing when I'm back from that next trip.

  • Nourish my body with healthy food (I must have taken that resolution 1000 times)

  • Balance a little better between yoga and cardio sessions at the gym

  • Schedule regular visit to the sauna

  • Listen to my body and know when to say no

Or maybe I should take a dog? I was recently told that they're good to build up your immune system. Haha!

I made the following Cold & Flu Surviving Kit for those of you who wonder what I chose to use after my web research.

On a more serious note, I hope the colder weather hasn't taken its toll on you yet. And I'd love to know how you deal with a cold. Is there a magic recipe I should know about?

This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Conscious by Chloé!

Pictures by Luis Felipe for Conscious by Chloé.

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge - Recap

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

I wrapped my first 10x10 Challenge close to 2 weeks ago and think that now is a good time to look back on it.

Since I've jumped into this challenge without preparation and did not plan outfits or put a lot of thought into the pieces I chose, this could have been a total disaster.

But I guess beginner's luck was with me, or the stars, or whatever else I believed in during these 10 days, everything worked out fine and I'm so glad I took that challenge.

Here are the subjects I want to cover in this article:

  • My motivations to participate in the challenge

  • The 10 items I selected

  • Style notes

  • A few takeaways

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

My motivations

The fact that I joined the challenge ar the very last minute explains a lot.

After an eventful summer, I was back at home, trying to find my routine, looking for content to post (somewhat regularly) on the blog, transitionning to a new season, wondering what I would wear (or more accurately fit into) during the colder months after a summer of letting go and indulging.

So there you have it. I needed structure, something regular and short-term to kickstart a new routine for a new season (of the year, of my life).

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

My 10 items

Here are the 10 simple items I wore for the 10 days of the challenge: 2 jackets, 2 sweaters, 1 top, 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 2 pairs of shoes.

  • Artist Cardigan - Vintage. Similar here.

  • Leather Jacket - Old. Similar here.

  • Fisherman Sweater - Old. Similar here.

  • Cashmere Sweater - Everlane, made consciously in China.

  • Linen Top - Handmade by my mom. Similar here.

  • Wide Pants - Lauren Winter, made in Portland, OR.

  • Jeans - Vintage. Similar here.

  • Long Skirt - Old. Similar here.

  • Clogs - Nina Z, made in NY, NY.

  • Boots - Danner, made in Portland, OR.

Style notes

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

| HAIR | I wear my hair down 99.9% of the time. That's just how I roll. I'm slowly realizing that my hair has grown and that I can now style it, wear a ponytail if I want to (which is good for my yoga practice. no, seriously, between my hair and my glasses, it can be tricky to master the downward facing dog pose). Still, I prefer my face surrounded my hair, I don't like the way my bangs look when my hair is pulled back, and I like to wear hats. So I played a little with my styling want, and that's enough to keep me happy for now. I take things slow, I can now style my hair in less than 3 minutes, and that's more than I care to spend on this activity. So there's room to improve, room to play, and I should start thinking about it, because this could go 2 ways: (1) I'm gonna cut my hair again (yeah, I cut my own hair, because I'm cheap and impatient); (2) I'm gonna want to dye or highlight my hair and I will regret it during the process (burnt scalp), after the first shampoo (hello dry and weakened hair) or after a couple weeks (hello regrowth). No really, it took a lot of willpower to get this far, so I'm gonna try to have a little fun with my hairstyling skills. Send Pinterest inspo or youtube tutorials my way. Thaaaaaanks!

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

| ACCESSORIES | I've pared down my accessories collection (I became my little cousins favorite when I brought them bags of them to chose from) a couple years ago and tend to wear the same ones over and over (family heirlooms, gifts from Octave and a couple pieces I chose for myself). Since this part of an outfit was not "regulated" by the challenge, I expected to go a little crazy but ended up wearing the same necklace twice and regretted it. It's funny how when you have freedom or too much to chose from, you get analysis paralysis and end up revolving around the same pieces. This made me realize that even though my accessories collection is minimal, there are certain pieces I have not worn in a while, so I'm slowly trying every single piece on, and making a decision to either wear it more, part with it and, for some of them, repair (I stepped on one of my rings a while ago and need to reshape it, and one necklace lost a part which I need to replace). So there's that. Always room for minimizing, reevaluating, caring, appreciating.

Fall 2017 10×10 Challenge Recap by Conscious by Chloé

| TUCKS & ROLLS | The top my mom made me is a little too big, but this might make me love it more because I can tuck it, roll it and even tie a know in the back. It makes for such a versatile piece. I cannot wear a long sleeved top without rolling the sleeves. And the same thing goes with my jeans, I have to show my ankles, socks, boots. I recently cut vertically the front of a trench coat that looked too bulky on me. I never closed it, so I figured I'd make the most of it and just remove the extra fabric, tie the belt in the back rather than in the front, and, of course, roll my sleeves.


This was a fun experience overall.

This 10x10 has been both a styling and a blogging challenge for me, and I'm very proud I got through it. It made me realize that sometimes you shouldn't sweat it. On the one hand, you can get great results by just giving something a try. And on the other hand, it's ok to try something and fail. You'll learn something no matter what!

I have to say that I got a little anxious as, as days went by, the styling options seemed restrained.

But I found support and inspiration in the 10x10 community. Browsing through the #10x10friends and getting comments from you guys and from other participants really kept me going.

The weather also did not play in my favor at the end of the challenge, so I was afraid that if I skipped one day I would just give up.

But I was lucky to have the best supporter by my side. I really want to give a shout out to and thank Octave who's been a really good sport during those 10 days, shooting and editing every single day during those 10 days.


I'm not sure yet whether I'll do this again, we'll see in January 2018.

Now I'd love to know what you thought about this experiment I shared with you here. Did you get something out of it? Would you like to see more style related posts over here? Did it inspire you to give the capsule wardrobe a try? I know, so many questions at once! But I'm curious to hear about you.

Thank you for tagging along and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Pictures by Octave Zangs for Conscious by Chloé.