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Gift Guide - Holiday Gift Guide 2018

The Conscious by Chloé 2018 Holiday Gift Guide 2018

This year, you will not find a typical gift guide on the blog.

The end of the year can be a stressful period, especially for those of us who are on a budget.

Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy long-coveted and usually pricey items at a bargain, but not everyone has the time or courage to shop during this time of madness, IRL or online.

Also, the FOMO is real. My guts are wrenching as I'm typing this. The race to the best bargain, shopping under pressure, are very triggering for me.

I tried my best to avoid temptations as much as possible last week. I reminded myself not to check certain websites, unfollowed as many brands and influencers on social media as proactive measures but still felt a little tinge when an ad or promotion would still seep through my filters.

I'm a recovering shopaholic on a budget. The struggle is real.

But I have to admit that I feel very lucky. Being far away from my home country, the pressure to give gifts is very low. The only people whom I usually give gifts to are my parents and my sweetheart.

And the formula is most of the time pretty simple. Octave and I decide on a budget and get a gift (or gifts) of that amount to each other. This year, I'm toying with the idea of gifting each other experiences rather than material presents, and we might just decide to treat ourselves to a common experience, like a couples massage or a 2-night getaway.

As for my parents, since they live so far away from me, I usually wait until my next visit, or opt for gifts that keep on giving. Last year, I knew they would be in the process of selling and buying a house, so I subscribed them to interior design magazines for inspiration.

I've been very inspired by this Ethical Hierarchy of Gift Purchasing.

There are so many ways to give ethical and sustainable gifts no matter what your budget is this holiday season and I'm very happy to share some of them.

Sewing DIY by Conscious by Chloé

1. Give Your Time

Spending quality time with loved ones is priceless.

I love this idea because no matter what your budget is, you have the possibility to give someone a very meaningful gift.

You can craft a cute voucher for one of the following time-sharing gifts and put it under the tree:

  • Teach a skill

I wish I had had more time to learn certain skills from my grandma. She taught me the basics of knitting and how to make mayonnaise. I cherish those moments spent with her and hope to pass the knowledge to those around me (though I have to admit I'm a little rusted).

Teach a loved one something useful, like, how to mend a sock, something fun like how to dye with shibori or something edible like how to make chia pudding.

  • Cook

Offer to show up at someone's house and cook for them. No strings attached, just a random act of kindness, redeemable any time before the next holiday.

  • Babysit

Your exhausted parent friends will love you for gifting them the time to go on a date, or just take a long bath... alone!

Highway 1 Road Trip by Conscious by Chloé

2. Give Memories

Memories last a lifetime and a great way to show your loved ones how much thought you've put into finding a gift they'll love and appreciate.

Here are a couple experience-based gift ideas:

  • Concert tickets

  • Massage voucher
    Very high on my wishlist

  • Class
    More on that coming up next week on the blog

  • Weekend getaway
    Skipping the hassle of planning the thing is already a very big gift you can give someone!

  • Movie tickets
    And an extra voucher for pop-corn

  • Museum subscription
    Because it's a gift that keeps on giving. I love subscriptions! And may or may not have gifted myself one last year.

Bath Ritual Kit DIY by Conscious by Chloé

3. Make

Make a bunch of bath ritual kits, junk mail notebooks, scented candles, cookies.

Thrift Shopping by Conscious by Chloé

4. Buy Second Hand

A gift isn't less valuable if it's been purchased second hand, though you might want to put a little more effort on packaging as some tend to stigmatize preloved gifts.

Check out my favorite Portland Vintage Stores for inspiration (they sell online too), keep an eye on Criaglist, Facebook Marketplace, Poshmark, etc for the perfect gift.

Lauren Winter Linen Wraparound Jumpsuit in Camel by Conscious by Chloé

5. Buy

If you feel like buying something new is the right choice for you, by all means, do it!

Ethical means different things to different people. Whether it's shopping local, supporting a mission-driven brand or buying something that will last a lifetime, make sure that the purchase will make you and the receiver happy.

Check out my Favorite Conscious Brands for Women for a little inspiration or my ethical gift guide.

The Conscious by Chloé Shop - Ethical & Zero Waste

You can also alway visit my Shop.

Let me know in the comments below whether you make "unconventional" gifts.

My favorite Vintage & Thrift Stores in Portland (and online!)

One of my favorite vintage stores in Portland sells a graphic tee featuring a motto I'd love to apply to my own life: "No New Clothes".

When it comes to leading a sustainable lifestyle, shopping second-hand should come first, as the cost of growing or making new material is much higher for the planet and our wallets than the cost of giving a new home to something that already exists.

While thrift shopping might be overwhelming for some of us, Portlanders are lucky enough to have a multitude of seconhand, vintage and thrift stores to chose from. Many of them also have an online store or Instagram account, so you can even make your selection from the comfort of your home!

Here's a list of my favorite, second-hand, consignment, vintage & thrift stores for clothing, home goods & furniture in Portland,OR.


Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - Red Luck Online
Picture: Red Luck Online

  • Red Luck Online
    Website | Instagram
    217 SW 1st Ave. Portland, OR 97204
    Art. Color. Sustainability.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - PDXPLUGD

    Website | Instagram
    Compound Gallery (Upstairs, 2nd floor)
    107 NW 5th Ave, Portland, OR 97209
    Street fashion.


Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé -Give and Take Resale
Picture: Give and Take Resale

  • Give and Take Resale
    Website | Instagram
    Housewares and wardrobe consignment for the whole community!

  • Celandine Vintage
    911 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR 97211

  • Bristlecone
    4932 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR 97211
    Vintage Modern.


Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - Artifact

Picture: Artifact

  • Artifact
    Website | Instagram
    3630 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202
    Eclectic clothing and design store.

  • Red Fox Vintage
    4528 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, Oregon
    Large selection of clothing, furniture, art, jewelry, records and other nostalgic oddities.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé -Portland Flea Market

Picture: Portland Flea

  • Portland Flea
    Website | Instagram
    SE Salmon St & SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

  • Wildflower Vintage
    Instagram | also at Red Fox Vintage & the Portland Flea
    Vintage clothing + home.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - Continuall

Picture: Continuall

  • Continuall
    Instagram | also at Red Fox Vintage & the Portland Flea
    For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought.

  • Lowland
    Website | Instagram | also at the Portland Flea
    A curated collection of vintage modern wearables for the everyday.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - House of Vintage

Picture: House of Vintage

  • House of Vintage
    Website | Instagram
    3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
    Over 60 vintage dealers together in 13,000 sq ft.

  • Red Light Clothing Exchange
    Website | Instagram
    3590 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
    Homegrown, buy-sell-trade, men’s and women’s fashion emporium

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - I am That

Picture: I Am That

  • I Am That
    Website | Instagram
    3623 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
    Minimalist elevated womenswear.

  • Lost & Found
    Instagram | Pick up in Portland or US shipping
    Lost goods found for you.

Home & Furniture

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé -The Good Mod

Picture: The Good Mod

  • The Good Mod
    Website | Instagram
    1313 West Burnside Street, 4th Floor, Portland, OR 97209
    Mid-century furniture house.

  • Urbanite PDX
    Website | Instagram
    1005 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214
    Over 40 interior curators of modern, vintage, industrial, art and lighting environs!

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - Adored Vintage

Picture: Adored Vintage

  • Adored Vintage
    Website | Instagram | also at Urbanite
    French countryside meets modern day Jane Austen...

  • Red Snapper
    11049 SE Main St, Milwaukie, OR 97222
    Quality/authentic/restored Danish+American mid-century|modern furniture+design.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - Maven Collective

Picture: Maven Collective

  • Maven Collective
    Website | Instagram
    7819 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215
    Vintage/Found, Handmade + Plants.

  • Midnight Sunlight Shop
    2857 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97214
    Stocking fine vintage furniture, clothing, records, art, lighting for persons & homes.

Best Thrift & Vintage Stores in Portland, Oregon by Conscious by Chloé - San Johnny

Picture: San Johnny

  • San Johnny
    Website | Instagram
    5308 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR 97206
    Weekend mercado of mid century furniture and vintage Mexican art in Foster-Powell.

  • Hawthorne Wintage Modern
    4722 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97215
    Furniture, lighting, artwork.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite vintage store is, wherever you live.

Have a Blissful Weekend #27

Photo by Kiara Rose

What are you up to this weekend?

I'm giving a Zero Waste Home Tour and plan on going to the museum since admissions are discounted on the first Sunday of the month.

I hope you'll have a great one and in the meantime, here are a few things that made my week:

A BOOK - Garbology by Edward Humes

You can find all my favorite Zero Waste related books on my bookshelf.

A SONG - Fenceline by Anna Tivel

I got to meet Anna, a Portland singer-songwriter a few weeks ago and discovered this moving song about a crossing between two lands...
PS: Follow me on Spotify.

A PODCAST - Welcome to the Margalaxy! by Mystery Ingredient: The Vegan Iron Chef Podcast

My friend Margaux is an incredibly talented entrepreneur. Not only does she co-own a juice cart, Best Friend, but she also runs her own vegan treats business, Margalaxy!

A VIDEO - The Power of Knowing Who Made Your Clothes by Kohl Crecelius

I met Kohl when I lived in SoCal and have been following his journey ever since, from teaching women in Uganda how to crochet to creating a global movement by asking a simple question: Who made my clothes?

A DIY - A foraged Wreath

I'm not super into holiday decor, but I like foraging and it might be time I updated my current wreath.
PS: Follow Conscious by Chloé on Pinterest.

A RECIPE - Garlic and Rosemary Skillet Bread by The Food Charlatan

My friend Rémi made this bread for our Fall Feast and I might have eaten at least half of it. I cannot wait to make it again, once I've recovered from the food coma.

And a couple links from around the web...

  • I wrote this Vegan Guide to Portland for Here and There Collective.

  • I loved how Candice recreated a looked she loved on Pinterest with items from her own wardrobe in this Recreate to Renew.

  • Food waste is a precious material that should not end up in a landfill, an environment that was not designed to process decomposing material and where food waste produces greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to global warming and climate change. Sign up for free on Share Waste to offer or find a composting option in your area.

  • I'm working on updating my shop in time for the holidays, so if you're in the hunt for Zero Waste and durable gifts, head this way.

This post is not sponsored but when you shop via some of the links above I may make a small commission from a sale. Thanks for supporting the brands that support Conscious by Chloé!

Tell me in the comments something you've made, watched or listened to this past week.

Self Care - Hygge or The Danish & Norwegian Art of Coziness & Conviviality

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

What's Hygge?

The word Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") appeared in written Danish for the first time in the early 1800s, but the word is actually Norwegian in origin. It describes a universal feeling of being warm, safe, comforted, and sheltered — an experience of belonging to the moment and to each other.

Hygge has been called everything from "the art of creating intimacy", "coziness of the soul", and "the absence of annoyance", to "taking pleasure from the presence of soothing things", "cozy togetherness" and "cocoa by candlelight".

Hygge is about an atmosphere and an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe, that we are shielded from the world and allow ourselves to let our guard down.

Hygge is the antidote to the cold winter, the rainy days, and the duvet of darkness.

Hygge is about feeling safe. Hence, hygge is an indication that you trust the ones you are with and where you are.

When life gets hectic, work grows stressful, and the days fly by, hygge allows you to unplug and tune in.

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

The Hygge Manifesto by Meick Wiking

  • ATMOSPHERE - Turn down the lights.
  • PRESENCE - Be here now. Turn off the phones.
  • PLEASURE - Coffee, chocolate, cookies, cakes, candy. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
  • EQUALITY - "We" over "me". Share the tasks and the airtime.
  • GRATITUDE - Take it in. This might be as good as it gets.
  • HARMONY - It’s not a competition. We already like you. There is no need to brag about your achievements.
  • COMFORT - Get comfy. Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.
  • TRUCE - No drama. Let’s discuss politics another day.
  • TOGETHERNESS - Build relationships and narratives. "Do you remember the time we . . . ?"
  • SHELTER - This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security.

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

Hygge at Home

Here's my way of making my home a little more hyggeligt:

  • A warm cup of tea

When I last de-cluttered my kitchen, I cleared a whole deep drawer and converted it to a coffee/tea/matcha brewing station. All my ingredients and handmade ceramic cups are in the same place. It makes me happy every time I open it!

  • Heavy blankets

There's a basket next to my couch where I keep a collection of warm and soft blankets. Whether I'm reading a book by myself or watching a movie with Octave, I reach into the basket and add a little warmth and coziness to any activity!

  • Scented Candles

Nothing beats candlelight to make any gloomy day and dark room feel warm and welcoming. I made a bunch of soy candles last year and will definitely try new scents pretty soon.

  • Delicious Cake

Baking is such a great colder days activity. It warms both your home and your belly.

  • Good time with good friends

It's so easy to retreat into your home and stop going out when the days get cold and wet. The best way to beat the gloom is to have friends over and share a great moment together.

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

Hygge at Work

Hygge is not reserved to your home, which means you can apply those principles to your workplace.

  • Decorate your workstation, make it more homey and comfortable

  • Schedule a potluck

  • Bring cake

  • Organize a meditation session/yoga class

  • Grow plants or herbs

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

A Hygge Reading List

Last winter, I borrowed these 3 books about hygge from the library and loved every one of them:

Now if you've learnt enough about hygge and actually want to experience it, here are my favorite "afternoon under the covers with a warm cup of tea" books:

My friend Christine sent me her book and I've been loving it. Taking inventory oh what's in your home, making it simpler, more organized, healthier is one of my favorite past-times. It is a great reminder that we can make a lot with what we already own. Thank you Christine for this thoughtful gift and congratulations on a beautiful work!

A beautiful book about learning to embrace the imperfect and entertain with thoughtfulness and ease. PS: The book in itself is so beautiful with its Japanese binding!

  • I usually do not read those kinds of books, but I bet epic sagas or winter adventures or Nordic tales would be very hyggeligt.

For more book recommendations, you can check out my reading list.

Hygge at Home with Christine Liu and her Sustainable Home Book by Conscious by Chloé

Let me know in the comments below whether you have fall rituals and what's your favorite way to make your home feel cozier in the fall!

My 10×10 Closet Challenge - Fall Edition (2018) - Day 6-10

Oh hi! Is it still time for me to post the second half of my fall 10x10 challenge?

I'll take that as a yes.

For some reason, the daily posting on Instagram overwhelmed me a little and I took a little social media break, and then I totally forgot to do my job and post this recap on the blog.

Well, I guess this is a good time to reflect on that experience and check whether this capsule wardrobe curation was helpful for getting dressed in the morning this past month.

Fall 10x10 Day 6 Look - Everlane Natural Suede Day Heels & Jungmaven Oat Hemp Tee by Conscious by Chloé

Day 6

Although this one seems pretty obvious with the matching tee and shoes, I really like the 2 shades of blue and the fact that the necklace adds something interesting to the mix.

Do you follow any "fashion rule" like matching your shoes and your bag or not using more than 3 different colors in an outfit?

Fall 10x10 Day 6 Look - Everlane Black Cashmere Sweater, Golden Brown Utility Pants & Nisolo Brandy Mules by Conscious by Chloé

Day 7

It was an "I don't really want to show my face" kinda day. Freelance life, hard to say no to jobs because you never know when you're gonna hit the slow period so you'd better work your ass off now rather than regret it later.

I was exhausted.

But I dug my matching shoes, pants and hair.

Do you too?

Fall 10x10 Day 8 Look - Everlane Black Cashmere Sweater, Black Crop Pants & Nisolo Brandy Mules by Conscious by Chloé

Day 8

That same morning, I attended the We Myndful conference.

As predicted, it gave me a lot of food for thought.

This month's speaker was Jaiden Love. Jaiden shared his story, invited us to ask questions, provided answers and tips on how to be more mindful of the transgender community.

One exercise he made us do was to introduce ourselves again to our neighbor, this time sharing our pronoun with them.

It felt weird posting this with a picture of the 10x10 challenge on Instagram, but well, why not. If someone finds this post because of the related hashtag, I think it's worth it. Besides, thanks to the 10x10representationmatters hashtag, we know that this community is and should be more than only linen pants and neutral colors.

You might have noticed this in my Instagram bio, but I'm gonna share it again here. My name's Chloé and my pronouns are she/her/hers.

What are yours?

Fall 10x10 Day 8 Look - Everlane Black Cashmere Sweater & Nina Z Black Clogs by Conscious by Chloé

Day 9

I thought I'd way until the end of the challenge to bring in the big guns.

I'm not sure I can pull this necklace off, but it was worth a try.

Caralarga is a Mexican workshop that produces handcrafted jewelry inspired by the raw materials of nature. Located in Querétaro, México, the studio seeks to convey the value of the handmade and highlight the natural beauty of each piece.

The word "Mexican" comes from the Nahuatl word "Meshica" and like its name the inspiration behind this stunning piece is rooted in pre-hispanic artisan techniques.

I hope I'll get to go to Mexico some day, learn more about the culture and history of this country, eat all the food and practice my broken Spanish. But in the meantime, I'm grateful for Jen, who brought a piece of it to the Pacific Northwest.

Portland peeps, if you haven't done so yet, head over to Via Raiz right now to get one of those necklaces! You'll thank me later.⠀

Fall 10x10 Day 10 Look - Everlane Natural Suede Day Heels, Black Crop Pants & Jungmaven Oat Hemp Tee by Conscious by Chloé

Day 10

And here's the final look of the challenge.

I think I like the necklace better blended in the oat tee. I'm not 100% convinced of the black and blue combo, though.

solsoleilsoul elan b representation matters
Artwork by Elan B. aka solsoleilsoul

About Overwhelm and Representation

This was the 3rd time I was participating in the 10x10 challenge and, I have to admit that I might not do it again in the future.

It felt a little overwhelming, that constant posting, making sure I'm using the right hashtag, tagging the brands for exposure. I felt like I was participating in the challenge for the wrong reasons, that it was a necessary evil if I wanted to grow my following. I'm not good at this game and am definitely not used to being on Instagram!

But I'm happy to have discovered the 10x10representationmatters hashtag which popped up on my feed and rocked my world.

Spend some time reading the stories shared on that space, follow accounts you may not have discovered otherwise. Like, share, learn, let's keep the momentum. Also, check out the slowfashionrepresentationmatters hashtag to keep the conversation going.

It is true that the 10x10 challenge tends to always be more of the same and I'm glad that those hashtags gave exposure and amplified the voice of a multitude of people who are rarely represented in the world of fashion.

My faves: Ali, Alyssa, Candice, Elan, Gina, Jacquelin, Raven, Salina, Sally, Umma.

Shop Small

Fall 10x10 Jewelry Capsule with Seaworthy, Passage and Via Raiz

Since the holidays are now closer than ever, I suppose I could share these discounts again with you so you or your loved ones can support some of my favorite Portland women-owned businesses:

  • Passage Jewelry, designs inspired by natural and spiritual elements, handmade in Portland, OR: use code "Chloe20" for 20% off

  • Seaworthy, jewelry and home accessories, handmade in Portland, OR: use code "CHLOE" for 20% off on full price items.

Pictures by Alba Betancourt shot at Tendue.

Share in the comments below which look is your favorite: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10?